10 Tips Helped me succeed in Breastfeeding

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”… a breastfeeding mother uses 30% of her energy intake as breast milk, which is more than she uses for her heart.”

– Peter Hartmann

I am Janin,26, and a fulltime mom of two. My breastfeeding journey was successful. When I was pregnant on my second child.I decided to set a goal that for six months my baby would just breastfeed to me. So many struggled I’ve been through. But now it takes two years of breastfeeding my child since the day was born. As a mother, I feel great because I can provide the right nutrition to my child. I was able to donate my milk to infants as well. So my son and I are very blessed with the amount of milk I have. 

It was more than he needed. Here’s my piece of advice to you to become successful in your breastfeeding journey.

Tips to Make Your Breastfeeding Journey Successful

  1. Before you give birth, prepare yourself. Breastfeeding is not easy for you to go through. You must endure it

2. Set a goal that you need to know why you are breastfeeding even though it’s very hard. To save money? To not clean a feeding bottle? For nothing to bring when you leave? of course, it’s all for your child.

3. You can join a support group to help you. There are many answers to your questions about breastfeeding. Many will also provide feedback and suggestions on how you can increase your milk supply etc. or what are the do’s and don’ts in breastfeeding? They are a great help, especially for first-time moms.

4. Not only should you prepare, your husband should be. He is your most important support system, he should be the first person to say no when others say you need to formula or the child needs to drink water even if it’s an infant that at least 6 month old. Only breastfeeding mothers know, but only if you and your husband both know about the do’s and don’ts.

5. Choose a breastfeeding advocate pediatrician, it is good to feel that when your child is sick both of you that a doctor besides you know that breastfeeding is good enough to help your baby get better and he never says you will stop to breastfeed your child.

6. Don’t mind with people who are negative. They are one of the reasons why mothers give up on there breastfeeding. When you interfere with what other people are saying you can be stressed to others and it can cause your milk supply to decrease.

7. Always be positive about breastfeeding. Your body can produce more milk if you are happy. Always think that you have enough milk and that it is nutritious. You must think about the price of formula milk.

8. You need to be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally not only for your child but for yourself too and the whole family. Because health is wealth.

9. Always keep in mind that mother’s milk is a blessing and it should not be wasted.

10. Lastly, When you think to give up just go back to the reason why you breastfeeding.

”Being a good mom is not measured by what can you give your child either breastmilk or formula milk. You are still the best mother for them.”

I hope this blog would help especially for those who are struggled with there breastfeeding journey.

Written by: Janin Dino

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