Best Low Budget Health Card for Kids

One month before I resigned from my work, I looked for the best prepaid health card I can use for my baby.  When I say best(in my case), I consider it as the following:
  1. Within the budget (the cheaper the better that will not compromise the other needs)
  2. Fits my baby’s needs (in our case, free consultations to the nearest hospital so I can bring my baby anytime he needs to)
  3. Fits our schedule (because some prepaid health cards allow specific schedules)
  4. Near our place
  5. Covers the doctor we want(in our case, the same doctor that we had since birth)

Why do I need a prepaid health card

Of course, once I resigned I can no longer enjoy the health benefits from the company I work for.  So while spending the last 30 days at work, I enjoyed their health card to the fullest HAHA.  And before I bought a prepaid health card, I list down my reasons why it is ok to buy a prepaid instead of a full HMO plan.  Below are my reasons considering that it is what applies to our family:
  • I am now a stay-at-home full time mom
  • My son is healthy, has a strong body and has a good appetite (thank You Lord!)
  • I breastfeed, so less chance of getting sick or hospitalization
  • Now that I’ll be the one to take care of him, just have to make sure he is well cared for
  • We cooperate with our pediatrician (we have trust in her), so whatever vaccine she advise we do.  Aside from that, whenever she does the immunization, she does not charge doctor’s fee (so thoughtful)
Prepaid health card will work for now 🙂

Medicard + Philcare

I bought 2 prepaid health cards since the medicard unli-checkup is only available at free-standing clinics while the philcare includes the nearest hospital to our home and covers my son’s pediatrician since birth. I bought the Medicard unli-checkup for only 500 pesos right at their free standing clinic.  I just brought my son’s birth certificate when I applied.  This card can only be used from Monday to Friday.  You have to set an appointment first.  You can call or just walk in, just make sure you do the appointment in the morning so they can accommodate you in the afternoon.  With the branch near me, they always have an available pedia everyday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  You can also avail this for your yaya if you have one, good thing with this is that it has no age limit.  Another thing that I like with medicard is that it offers low laboratory rates plus you get 20% off.  Please click the picture to know more and check their clinics near you.  If you are looking for other options you can also check HERE. I bought Philcare prepaid health card online,  please click on the picture if you want to buy one now.  For other options you can visit this LINK. I love using this card because it covers our ever favorite pediatrician 😀  It gives you access even to major hospitals like Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital and St. Luke’s.  Plus you get dental benefits.  Al these for only 3,700 pesos.  Since it only covers unlimited consultations, whenever I need to spend for laboratory like cbc or urinalysis, I use medicard and just come back to our favorite pedia with the laboratory results.  You can buy this online and request LOA online.  Isn’t that cool?! Maxicare has offers too.  You can check it HERE.

Emergency health card

Before my son turned 1, he got in an accident which I consider my fault because I wasn’t looking enough and careful enough with his tiny hands while going out of the restroom and so his pinkie got crushed 😢 I spent almost 5k in the emergency because he had to do xray with both hands (dr. says for comparison).  After that I looked for another prepaid that could cover emergency expenses. This can be used as young as 15 days old and includes major hospitals like Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital, St. Luke’s etc. Covers illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical assistance.  Can be bought and activated online.  And it covers up to 15,000 pesos worth of emergency bills for only 749 pesos, so wise right! For more information, please click on the picture. I hope this helps.  I know all moms just want the best for their kids.  Health is wealth right.  Being healthy does not need to be expensive all the time.  It’s a matter of good decision-making, money management and good lifestyle.  And never ever forget that above all God is in control, parents do need to pray for these little angels everyday.

Author: Vichell Gudes

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