KNOW YOUR WORTH: ” You are more than enough!”

Feb-Month is LOVE! Hello there, I hope you are all doing fine, just want to take your little time to read about the thoughts that I made. Enjoy reading!

Have you ever wonder, why there’s a couple who have been in a long relationship or let say for almost years but still, they end up being with someone’s arm, on the other hand, there’s a couple who have been in a short relationship but they end up marrying each other and their love last forever. Why is this so? Sometimes you end up asking yourself this; ” Bakit nya ko iniwan? Am I not enough? or dun tayo sa mas sikat na lines na panget ba ko? Kapalit palit ba ko? If yes, tell me at magkikilay ako.” Guys, I am telling you, YOU ARE ENOUGH it just happens that the person you choose is the one who doesn’t even know the word CONTENTMENT. They are saying that ” our relationship is toxic; selosa/seloso masyado; nakakasakal na; kailangan ko na sya iwan alam ko may nakalaan pang higit para sa akin.” It is not about how toxic the relationship is, it is all about how you handle and how much patience you put on to. I know someone’s here will raise a question about this ” Bakit yung mga mag asawa na nga nag hihiwalay pa?”, it is only because they stop themselves for being the right one to each other. Once you marry someone it means that you are destined to each other, he or she is the one for you. Sometimes you can hear “Nagpakasal sya sa maling tao!” It is not like that, it is also simply because “tumigil ang bawat isa sa pagiging tamang tao” so they end up breaking each other heart. Always remember that you marry someone because he is faithful, not just because he is rich if you marry him because of his asset then you should marry the things and not the human.  Same with couples; girlfriends/boyfriends out there. Please stop comparing your loved one to another the more you make a comparison the more you put your relationships to be broken. Instead of looking at his “lacking of…” appreciate the things that he is “best at…” then sooner or later he or she will be your ideal one. A simple appreciation you received from others about who you are is the key for you to become the right one.

To all persons who left by their partners, cheer up guys! but once they decided to be back and be with you again always know the difference between chance, chances and UNLIMITED chances… Love is not about how much you spend on material things for her or him to appreciate and know how much you love her, love is all about facing trials/challenges in life, finding a solution and solving it together. Love is about appreciating little things from them and not tolerating them.

A temporary love will love you just because you have money, you are pretty, you have a slim body, you have eye-catching skin, you are handsome, you have abs, you have a good height and other physical things that later on will fade away. Permanent love is they will love you because they don’t know; they just love you on who you really are. Acceptance, trust, contentment, and love that’s all you need and also put God first. Once you are ready to fall in love always consider that your future partner must be proud of you, ” Ipagmamalaki ka, hindi yung pang display ka lang.”

That is all for now, thank you for your time.. see you on my next thoughts!!!

-Evangeline C. Enriquez

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