Give your child the gift of happy memories not an expensive toys

If we focus on creating kids who are happy and fulfilled, by definition they won’t be materialistic.
– Nancy Shah

As a parent, we always give our best to support our children. We wanted to make sure that we can provide all their needs that’s why we work so hard day in and day out just to make sure that we have enough money for our daily needs. We at times get too caught up on the thought of “I need to earn lots of money” that we forgot to spend time with our children. I, myself is also guilty of this. Growing up, both my parents were working so I remember having a yaya before who would watch us over while our parents our out. When our yaya had to go home to the province, our Lola from maternal side took care of us. When I learned that I was pregnant, I was thinking already if I wanted to be a stay at home mom or be a career woman. I’ve been working in a call center industry for 8 years and I was only 25 years old when I gave birth to my son. After giving birth, it was my first time that I experienced those sleepless nights while breastfeeding him until wee hours of dawn. I wanted to spend more time with him but I know that I can’t because I have to go back to work after my maternity leave.

My in-laws suggested that they’ll be the one to take care of my son so I can work and be able to help out on our financial needs. The first two weeks of me going back to work feels like hell! I didn’t even want to leave my child at home, all I want is to go home and be with him. Breastfeed him when his hungry and lullabies him until he fall asleep. I know that someday he will understand why we need to go to work, why we are doing it but there are times that its just really hard to go when I see him crying his heart out, trying to reach out to me, asking me to carry him in my arms and not to leave. God, I really hate this part of my day. When I go home, I would spend 3-5 hours a day to play with him before I go to sleep as I will have my shift later at night. Then there will be times that I have to render overtime at work so I can finish all my tasks which would leave me less time to spent with my son.

As he turns one year old, things got a little bit easier for us. My husband and I promised to make our weekends a family day. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to go to the mall or restaurant, we just wanted to spend our rest days with our son, from morning until the night where we all sleep “three-geder”. We wanted to make up with him, that on those 2 days, he will be our top priority. Eating breakfast together, taking care of his bath and watch him as he plays around the house or while he watch his favorite nursery rhymes is everything for me, as long as we made him feel that we, his parents will always be for him,

Whenever I see him looks up on me and smiles, hearing his laughter during our playtime is the best antidote that could take away all my tiredness from work. I believe that no amount of material things can replace the value of your parents’ presence to any child’s life. Memories spent with them during their happy times or even on their worst days will always be remembered until they grow old.

-Apple Joy B. Agase

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