Live, laugh and Love..

LIFE is a greatest gift we had. Thank you LORD, thanks to my parents.

One of the best moment in my life It was, when I am 19 years of age. I gave life to my eldest and only son, followed by my eldest daughter after 11 months , and another year after, my younger daughter come. MY BLESSINGS. But for my parents, some relatives and friends, it is like a crime of having 3 children with no marriage. They hate me, got mad of me and even avoided to have conducts with them. It takes years for them to accept my situation.

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At my young age, having 3 children not married to my children father and still studying is so hard life. I felt like a bird in a cage, a prisoner and even like a robot. Living with my in- laws place was a burden. They all decided everything in our life . I had to worked hard to them for me and for my children. It is SACRIFICE . There are times that I want to give up. Just leave my children and go back to my parents. I am missing the smiles on my face. I am missing my families and friends.

But, I can not do it because of my children. My little angels.


One day, when, I brought my son to school, I dropped by to the next building where he son is in kindergarden. There are some vocational courses they are offering to mothers like me who are waiting for their chiidren outside the school. I inquired and asked how it is. After a week, I am already earning money doing manicure and pedicure. Yes, it is. I am exposed again to people around. Till i meet a person, who convinced me to be an Avon distributor and because of my good sales talk, I was awarded to become an Avon supervisor.

After avon products, I also become tupperware products dealer. Our LIFE start to have a little changes. We, specially my children can eat what we want too, can wore clothes, shoes and other thing of our own choices and best of all, we can go out whenever we are free.

The smiles I am missing turns to LAUGHTER.

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Those days we LIVED with LAUGHTER does not last long. The father of my children finished his criminology course and become a policeman. We had built a small house besides my in-laws place, bought a used car, children are transferred to a private school and we had already 2 maids to look after our children and our home when we are both out and working. I thought it will be a happy ending life, but not. He married a young woman whom he dates and got pregnant. Reason that i was kicked out of the house. That pain is killing me. And the only way to ease that pain is go away. I go and worked abroad. I sacrificed to be away to my children .

At abroad, I worked hard and studied. Until I had applied what i have learned. And become an asst. manager of a trading company.

Despite of those success in my life, I felt I am missing something. 17 years working abroad and going home a month yearly, is not that much exciting anymore. The more I am far with my children, the more they are like strangers to me. I was not there on some of the sepcial occassions and events in their life like, birthdays, graduations and even their wedding day. They had their own families. My grandchildren are growing and just seeing them once in a year, and only couple of days. We seldom be together. My children of course want to spent more time to their family instead of me that is staying their for a month only. Therefore, I almost in my old alone mother place. She knows and felt that, I am lonely most of the times. Yes I am. I am missing someone to be with me. A listerner and laugh to my jokes, a shoulder to lean on when i am down and sick. I am missing flowers from a man. I am missing to care and be cared, Love and be loved.

2013 , the right time comes to the right man.

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Where there is LOVE, there is life. Enjoy it to the fullest.

By: Marivel P. Monstad

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