Starbucks Bear Happy

“A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile”

Why teddy bears? During our childhood many of us feels good in so many levels just by hugging our favorite teddy bear. Some of us have been collecting teddy bears since childhood. But it’s not too late to pursue a new interest of collection. Few years ago I was working as a retail executive in one of gourmet and retail shop in Singapore, One day after long hours of working i decided to chill and relax in a coffee shop before heading back home. There are two bears sitting on a display basket simply grabbed my heart and attention and decided to take them home with me.

Starbucks Bearista Singapore 2009 and 2010

After having those two bears, I have supportive friends who kept sending me and even buying for me when they travel abroad. Then one day i met a Singaporean collector who just got married and they wanted to moved in a small house as she wants to sell her entire collection and she wanted somebody that would really took care of her precious bears. We agreed and she gave me her entire collection. The fun and challenging of collecting is having to get rare pieces that Starbucks launch few years ago. Some of their collectable bears can gone up to like a 100 dollars and up if you decided to finally let go and sell it online.

Bear Babies 🙂

Starbucks Bearista from different countries

When i started joining a social media group of people who has the same passion as me. I gain more interest and love to the collection. And my bear family grews bigger and bigger. Whenever my husband said to go out and relax and chill for a bit after exhausting week of doing household chores, looking after the kids and all of that. He would say have your nails done or buy yourself a dress or shoes. I just simply ignored it and go straight to the coffee shop and look for the new releases of bear.. Hahaha! I must say I am really addicted to those little lovable bears. For me that is After years of collecting i finally slow down from the passion of collecting. I passed down my collection to my three young children, and I could see their passion and their love to the collection as they decided to keep all of it for themselves. But my love for my Starbucks bears will always be there.

Starbucks Rainforest Friends

Blog by: Margaret Grace Reyhani

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