Does money control you? or do you control money? Every day people go to work to make a living, but no matter how hard we work and how much we earn, money always seems to control us.

So many people are in debt. in rich and in poor countries, debt has become a way of life for many people throughout the world. We don’t have much,and we don’t know much. Nobody teaches us how to manage our money in school…….


Financial education is the key to saving a persons future. However, many think that it’s only for the rich, that only they deserve financial education. We need to learn the secret of the wealthy people. change our mind set if we want to achieve our financial goals…

What is our goals? A house? car? travel with family?or to get out of debt?or big savings? but let me ask….What is your mindset now?


*Many people believe that financial education is only for the wealthy.

*Many think that the only solution to financial challenges is to borrow money.

* Some say that because they are poor,they don’t need to save.(My mindset is this)

Let me tell you our journey to achive financial freedom;

when i’m starting to work , my mindset is like….i work….work…work… then….earn….earn….earn….spend….spend…spend….and work again in again in again….that’s it!!! NO SAVINGS…..??? Until I’ve met my forever…(ayyyiieee hehehe.) Which is my husband, we have two children a 15 year old boy with autism (non verbal) a 14 year old girl…..still I’m spender he he he…. my husband work in good company….we live beyond our means… savings!! no back up income…..

Until one day our friend invited us to attend the financial workshop in 2008. We meet the financial adviser, and we ask for a financial management workshop. He discussed to us Income VS Expenses. We were shocked!!! because our expenses are higher than the income of my husband!….We don’t have savings, investment,. HU… HU… HU… We depend on only my husband income!!! And this is the other scenario he discussed to us again, the two IFs of our life…

1 )what if we die too soon? (who will take care of our children?)

2) what if we live too long? (who will take of us) if we don’t have fund to our health.

BIG QUESTION???…. Isn’t it???

What will we do? He answered us spend less, reduce expenses, try to keep 20% of income and the 80% is your choice where you want to spend it….that’s the formula if you want to have savings….Remember, it’s not how much you earn that counts, it’s how much you keep. Understand how money works….let your money work for you……

Ok sir…Now,…we have money to save, where we should put it? so that our money can work for us? And he gave us an idea where we should put our money, when our old times come, and for the future of our children.

That’s why we should start to save……………… 2008 until now….while we can.

So someday….. I should say we do have peace of mind in terms of financial status of our children….and now we teach them how to manage it….for their future generation to generation ….


” Plant what you want to harvest. If you want to harvest mangoes, plant mango trees, If you want to harvest tomatoes, plant tomatoes. However, If you want to harvest money, then learn how to plant money.”

Many of us wants a financial freedom……..RIGHT???…

Let’s try this formula: Income (100%)-save (20%)=expenses (80%)




We always have a choice, but if we don’t have fund to our choices….We don’t have choice”….-Haid’z, 2020


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