6 Real Wedding Day Regret Stories and How to Avoid Them Tips

So, you found the man of your dreams and you are ready to say “I Do “. You want your wedding to be perfect as you imagine just like in the movies. But similar to the saying, “Nobody is Perfect “, it is like at weddings too.

Here are 6 real wedding day regrets stories and I hope you could learn on the tips how to avoid them.

“I was too busy and stress out on the day of our wedding, calling my brother-in-law if the caterer arrives, if the florist finishes setting up in the church and I got a terrible headache that day. I thought that I can organize my day on my own but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.”

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day of celebration, enjoying special moments with your groom, mingling with people that witness your love story. So what you should do to have fun? HIRE A PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PLANNER! Let them handle all your needs and worries so that you can achieve a wedding day stress-free and you can remember how your day goes by.

“My wedding day runs smoothly and I have amazing moments that are captured by my photographer, but I wish that I have hired a videographer that will film it. I can watch it over and over again and reminisce the feeling on that day.”

Photo By: Mark Zek Pabalan of Simbutel

Many couples have said that they should have booked professional videographers especially nowadays; there are so many variations on presenting wedding videos. There is a studio that offers SAME DAY EDIT — means that your day was filmed and edited on the same day. It is like a mini-movie that can be the highlight of your program. You also want to watch how you say your vows and hear again speeches from your loved ones. Allocate a certain budget for it and hire a wedding videographer that can reflect your personality and taste.

“As my wedding day is fast approaching and looking at my never-ending to-do list was a bit stressful. I never have the chance to have a trial done on my make-up artist. On the day of our wedding, we struggle on what lipstick and hairstyle that will look good on me. Every time I looked at our wedding photos, I really regret my look that day!.”

Try at least two trials done on how your hair and makeup will look like before the your wedding day. It may cost you but at least you can have options. Speak your mind with your make-up artist to save you a lot of stress. Remember that you’ll be walking on the aisle and every eye will look on you, so be your best beautiful version of yourself.

“I wish I have a list of person that I want to have photos with on that day, I remember, I posed for my bridal portrait while my mother watched me, now I realized that I should have grabbed her arm and hug her and let the photographer capture that moment.”

Many brides cite that they regret that they don’t have enough lists to take pictures with someone who is important in their life. Like your favorite Auntie who fly from other of the world just to be with you on your special day, your childhood best friend, some even don’t have a decent family photos because they forgot to do so. Make sure to create must-have photos on your wedding day and let your coordinator remind you about it.

“I got pressured by my family to invite everyone who I barely know and end up seeing strangers on my reception.

When creating a master guest list, try to negotiate with your family and let them know that you have made up your mind that you will stick to whom you want to be with you on your wedding day. It might hurt the feelings of anyone but don’t be afraid to do so because, at the end of the day, it is your wedding day, it’s all about you and your groom, not someone who will be upset when not invited.

“I have to admit that I spent sleepless nights to DIY our wedding favor that goes with the theme of our wedding and only discover that some of them were left by the guest in the reception’s tables.”

Her advice, if you want to give your guest wedding favors, makes sure that they will have fun using it. If you want a modern approach on this matter, try to hire a photo booth, your guest will definitely have fun on striking their pose with fun props.

Planning a wedding can bring you tears, sweats, and stresses but on the process, focus on how you will enjoy your big day. It is just the starting point of your journey in married life. Remember to stay positive, hire professionals, create your checklist, be with people that will celebrate and cherish you and your groom. Have fun because it’s your day!

If you have a wedding day regret story, share it below and let future soon to be wed couples know so that they can avoid it.

Blog Post by: Joan Borja ( GVA student January 2020 batch )

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