Simple Mommy Hacks to Achieve Clear Soft & Healthy Skin With Little- to- No- Budget

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What we are called Mom, Mum, Mommy, momma, momsh, momshie  “ilaw ng tahanan”in tagalog as we translate it in english “light of our homes” 

We like to make our homes clean and tidy, serve delicious breakfast, lunch & dinner while juggling other household chores and 9-5 jobs. 

Whilst we brighten our Family Homes. We are prone to stress. Sometimes we go through breakdowns emotionally and physically. And boy oh boy Mrs. Insecurity would often come to a point in our lives, knocking on our doors and making us feel bad and drenched in self-doubt and pity.Wrecking our self confidence with little effort.

We are sometimes guilty of forgetting to take care of ourselves whilst we put our energy taking care of our families. When we are out-and-about doing our grocery shopping, we would go to the health and beauty section and grab something, look at it, check the price tag and “NOPE” putting it back on the shelf. Yep! been there done that, it’s a cycle. 

We experience breakouts, dull-uneven skin tone, oily skin and dry skin. 

As a mom, I would like to share with you my TOP 5 skin must do routine that are essential to achieving clear, soft and healthy skin.


        refers to cleaning the skin of accumulated dirt and oil including other substances that we put onto our face and body like make-up and body lotions. 

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For me whatever mild soaps available in our home is enough. As moms when we are out shopping, we tend to buy the soap that we know are suitable for us and our family. 

Lather up with mild soap and do not forget to use a loofah or a face towel to scrub of that dirt on your body.Remember to scrub gently with loofah. For the face, I use the same normal mild soap minus the loofah. Believe me you Do not want to look like Elmo from sesame street when you get off from the shower.If you have make up on and you don’t have a makeup remover opt for olive oil.If you don’t have olive oil just use the normal baby oil.Put it in a cotton ball or a make-up pad and gently wipe away before cleansing your face with mild soap.You will be amazed what the stuff in your pantry can do to your skin.


Physical scrubbing refers to using exfoliating products such as body or face scrubs with granules or beads.Exfoliation removes the old dead skin cells on the outermost surface of the skin called the epidermis.The best examples are fine salt,sugar or used coffee granules.

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 This is my favorite part of my routine.As the result is so satisfying.I do it 2-3x in one week.I usually use a store bought milk salt scrub but when i`m out i make my own scrub using fine salt mixed with a little amount of olive oil.For sugar i just mix it with a little amount of my normal body lotion/olive oil the same as the used coffee granules.There are tons of organic body scrub recipes on the internet. I usually do this when i`m going to shower.I wet my whole body and face before applying the scrub.I scrub it gently all over my skin and then rinse it off with water and proceed with mild soap.After showering you will feel your skin is soft, smooth,even,comfortable and hydrated.This routine never fails me as my partner always compliments me with how smooth and soft my skin is to touch.

   Remember scrubbing vigorously will result to redness or skin abrasion so be gentle with your skin.That is why i only do this 2-3 times in one week and not consecutively.I do not do it everyday as it will peel off the natural oils on your skin.While you opt for using salt scrub avoid contact with your eyes as it will sting. Wet your skin first before applying the scrub because dry skin + scrub is a No No.Bad friction.

 I remember my brother asking me before he got in the shower

“sis what’s this milk salt scrub for?” I told him I use it for my face and body to get rid of my white heads and dead skin.Few moments later I heard him screaming in pain.

I panicked and asked “him what’s happened?”he told me he used the salt scrub.

I said “why didn’t you tell me beforehand that you are gonna use it?I could of told you don’t scrub it on dry skin and and don’t scrub too hard.”but it was too late.

My poor brother.


         facial toner or toner refers to a lotion or wash designed to cleanse the skin.

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Toners are commonly used on the face because mild soap cannot really remove all the dirt that has accumulated on your skin.Now for toners I usually use mild ones with little to no alcohol.I put it on a cotton ball and gently wipe it on my face.We are all guilty of this bad habit when wiping toners, we rub it so hard on our face which causes redness,worst irritation.There are a lot of toners available in the market.I suggest you try different types and brands until you find the best suited for your skin type.Invest in a good toner. If you are worried about it being safe on your skin you can always consult with your GP/ dermatologist.

           Applying facial toners makes a big difference on your skin.It does not only remove dirt and excess oil.Its makes your pores smaller,skin brighter,clean,healthy and restores your skin’s Ph balance.Since toner removes the remaining dirt on your face it prevents you from having breakouts but sometimes you will get breakouts even if you are on guard of your routine and you wonder why this annoying red dot on your face has popped.

           There are several factors you need to look on to.It might be your bangs,having bangs act as a curtain covering away your skin.Excess oils and bacteria trapped underneath causing pores to clog and pimples to pop up.Overly Stress means less sleep and less sleep affects not only your skin but your whole well being.

Poor Diet also plays a major role.As the saying goes

“you are what you eat.”

from the book You Are What You Eat:how to win and keep health with diet published in 1942 by Victor Lindlahr

Now here’s my dirty little secret whenever I get 1-4 pimples from sleeping late.

My simple straight-forward-go-to-magic-potion is apple cider vinegar.

Just put a little amount of it in a cotton ball just enough that it doesn’t wet the whole cotton, dab it in the affected area leave it for 10-15 min.Do it once for 2-4 days and you will be amazed.Just be careful not to put it in your eyes.Wash your face with mild soap and proceed with your toner.I’ve tried white vinegar too and it works the same. 

Golden rule never pop your pimples using your fingers as much as it hurts there’s a big chance of infection and what’s worse it will leave you a dark pigment due to trauma.

Its best to go to a professional facial clinic or to your dermatologist.

Now for acne it’s different. When you get a lot of pimples clustered in one place like a map its red, inflamed and sometimes comes with a puss its called acne.It’s best to consult with your GP/dermatologist.


      Moisturizing refers to applying creams, lotions or natural oils on the skin to add or restore moisture.It prevents your skin from flaking and dullness.

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        Moisturizing your skin is very important. Invest in a good moisturizer.It is best applied everyday after you shower and pat dry, as it locks up the remaining moisture.

For me I like using non-greasy lotions for my body.For my face I use a mild facial lotion after the toner has dried up.

As moms we are all guilty of not moisturizing just because we are in a hurry-busy or we tend to forget or just us being lazy.Applying a moisturizer everyday that is good for our skin type benefits us in the long run.Our skin looks soft and supple.Healthy and silky to touch.Glowing with radiance.

    For sensitive skin always consult with your GP/dermatologist.


  Refers to a cream or lotion for protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

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    Sunblocks you can wear all year round.Its not only for warm sunny weather!

Never take this last step for granted as this is the most essential.A Lot of people do not use this just because it’s cloudy outside.Whilst some are greasy it’s very effective.While it protects you from the harmful rays of the sun.It also helps your skin to age more slowly.Because long term exposure to the sun makes your skin wrinkled, dry and dull.This is also an important step if you are aiming to achieve fair skin.Applying an expensive whitening products is useless if you don’t use sunblock.

For sunblocks opt for something with a broad spectrum with UVA and UVB protection      minimum of SPF 30 and always re-apply after 2-3 hours.Depending on how long you are exposed to direct sunlight or you can opt with a moisturizer with sunblock for a double whammy.


              For sensitive skin always consult with your GP/ dermatologist.

  Always remember mommies, Consistency is always a win-win.Going in for a shower is considered as your me time.Be kind to yourself. I hope these tips will help you achieve a healthy skin! Happy Glowing!

Disclaimer: Any above mentioned product being used by me please be cautious.Use at your own risk.We have different skin types.I am not a GP/dermatologist.Thank you.

Blog post by: Abegail Formanes

facial therapist| licensed spa massage therapist|certified spa manager

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