Gadgets: Good or Bad for my child?

Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. Nowadays, it is normal for children as young as 2 to spend almost of their playtime holding their mobile phones and tablets. It looks amazing, how a 2-year-old child knows how to use gadgets. But is it really good for our children to let them use it at their early age? 

As a parent, I also allow my child to use my mobile phone to watch his favorite nursery rhymes specially if I have to do something important and I’m honestly worried how the excessive use of mobile phones affects my child. I know many parents are struggling on how to limit their children from being too dependent on the use of gadgets. 

The gadget has its benefits such as a source of learning, entertainment and it may keep your child quiet but, excessive use of it can do harm the good effect.

Here are some reasons why I let him use mobile phones

  • It may help him stimulate his imagination
  • At nursery age, it can be a replacement for educational toys where he can learn shapes, colors, count and solve puzzles.
  • It may help to promote listening ability, sound learning and speaking ability
  • It keeps him occupied while I’m doing household chores. 

Negative Effects of Gadget Use

  • Obesity and overweight because of the lack of physical activity. 
  • Sleeping problems. 
  • Addiction (dependency on the gadget)
  • Too much screen time can cause vision problems
  • Aggressive behavior (watching violent videos)

Nevertheless, of the advantages of using a gadget, I still limit my child of using it because of the negative impact of it. 

Here are some tips on how to limit your little ones from excessive use of gadgets

  • Try an outdoor activity. Try to encourage them to engage in physical activities. You may also teach them how to ride in a bicycle or you may consider enrolling them in classes that involve sports. 
  • Set Rules. As a parent, you can set rules that they are only allowed to use their gadget for 1- 2 hours a day or you may impose a NO- GADGET rule for a specific period like mealtime 
  • Unleash their Creativity. Let them use their imagination in painting, sketching or learning musical instruments.
  • Quality Time.  No matter how busy we are as a parent, make it a habit that we still give time to talk and play with our kids. 

By setting healthy limits on the use of gadgets and knowing what your child is watching, playing and accessing, you can help them become mindful and responsible gadget users. Remember, everything is good if we use it positively. 

By: Arianne Tiglao

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