Amazing Breastfriend

When I was struggling with my breastfeeding venture and already experiencing baby blues, I’ve met this amazing person in my life. Her name is Maria Teresa Taranii Sustiguer, she’s a breastfeeding  consultant. She is really passionate when it comes to helping other moms that are struggling with breastfeeding like me.

I thought breastfeeding was easy like what I saw on a television/movie or whenever I saw a mom in a public nursing their babies like it was nothing, I was totally wrong. I met Mommy Tere through Facebook group when someone ask where she can find a breastfeeding consultant, and I immediately reached out to her. It was my last card for my breastfeeding journey. As day goes by it gotten worse, I even shouted at my son because of frustration, letting him cry and just looking at him or giving him to my mom and say “Don’t bring him closer to me”. My family they didn’t know that I was experiencing postpartum depression- baby blues. Everyone around me they don’t understand my struggling, they don’t know what I really feel and I felt everyone got annoyed with me because of my fragility.

 That was the time that my postpartum hit me hard. I really needed help and I want to get better for my son. When I met Mommy Tere she save me from the despair of this journey. We met at my place then she started the re-lactation massage and said my milk was there. Mommy Tere asked me what are my struggles and then taught me the proper way of latching, the benefit of skin to skin contact and the correct positions while breastfeeding. At first, my son was crying and don’t want to latch or don’t know-how and gradually he was sucking my breast and that moment I can’t contain my happiness. And after our session and we’re ready to sleep, I felt a slight pain on my nipples, I ignore it. In the morning my nipples were aching because of the continuous latching of my son. It was an agonizing sharp pain. I observed my son after hours of nursing, when I tried to pull my breast to him, he was crying as if he was not full or satisfied of my milk, I chatted right away Mommy Tere and she said that the pain and cluster feeding will go away soon.

 On the 3rd day, I can’t endure the pain already. I shouted again at my son and I felt sorry for it. I can’t explain the pain, whenever my son going to latch on me he was like torturing me. I started crying like this breastfeeding is not for me, I already did everything. My postpartum got me every time. I chatted Mommy Tere and saying that I am giving up my breastfeeding journey because its draining me. No reply I received.

After an hour she came to our house and brought some donated milk from other mommies. I can’t believe that there are still people like this, with this kind of effort and dedication. I cried, she asked me what I feel? What’s going on my mind? I told her that I’m drain, emotionally and physically. No ones understands me and they gave me some discouraging advices and hurtful word from my family. I cant share my taughts in my head with them. Mommy Tere just hug me and says

You really did a great job! You’re an awesome mom, you really put a big effort to breastfed your son. Don’t already give up, this was just a challenge, you can surpass it just endure a little bit more. Don’t listen to them just think of your son and the benefits you can give to him.”

So After our heart whelming talk she gave me hope again. A week pass by, my breastfeeding journey was going smooth. Mommy Tere added me to her group chat with other moms. I also discover Mommy Tere and other moms donated their milk to the preemies and in NICUs. Mommy Tere also dedicated her time to the babies especially the preemies or has illness on hospital that needed an extra care. I am really amaze to her, she is really one of a kind mom, who has 5 kids but she can lend a time, help and effort to other moms and babies those who struggles and needs help. I am really thankful for what she has done to me and to my son.

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