Who doesn’t love quick love story?

After my graduation and get a job I just used to hang out with my friends a lot. Where my only purpose was to enjoy life and have fun that time.

Until I met this guy. I never expected that I would meet my husband in just a simple drink session. He was introduced to me by a friend, I just snob him because my other friend whispers me “that is a womanizer don’t talk to him”. But he finds a way to approached and talked to me.

I didn’t like him at first maybe because of what I heard from the others about him. All the things I hated from a man, he had them all. Few more drink session passed he was always with us. While we’re having drinks with our friends, he came to me and told me he likes me and might be falling in love with me. I was stunned and of course, I don’t believe in him. Days passed, she always asks me for dates and all the things I hated about him, changed. He stopped all his vices like drinking and smoking. I thought it was impossible for someone to change his ways for a girl he just met. But he did it.

I admit that from the day he said that he loves me, I believed. Maybe that is the magic of love.

And within 4 months of getting to know each other, we got married. Can you believe that?

True love is not how long you have been together, not how much you give or take, not how many times you talk to each other, It’s all about how much you value each other.

We are here today with two pretty princesses. We work the same as online freelancers. He is a very responsible father and a husband as well. From the very beginning, he treats me like a Queen. I so love him ♥


Blog post by: Charlene Valerio

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