Change your Life and Situation without regrets.

A lot of people who are afraid to lose their job. Because these jobs help, them to pay their bills and manage finances and they enjoy their job. We all know working in Company is very demanding especially in our time. But working there is a lot of sacrifices, like working a shifting schedule, and long hours. We don’t have time for our family especially to our kid because our work follow the client time and the company rules and We understand that because it is our duty and responsibility there, but We are parents especially to the mother dreaming that they will take care of their kids personal but how can We do that, when we are home our kids already sleep or we very tired and sleepy, We all know that it also important that we also give time to our family especially to our kid, that is the point. We ask ourselves. How can I change my situation without regretting to quit my job?

My Life

Many of us chose to quit our job without planning, From my personal experience, When I’m doing the changes that I want like I try business but I failed, I thought to have a business it is ok I can change but I’m wrong, Yes it is really hard to change and I lost a tract to the changes that I want. I regret so much and again I ask myself. Why I quit my job? Then I realize for us not to regret we should have a plan and learn the changes that we want. We should not stop learning while we are taking care of our family.

Then I study and I search and I found FHMom Group, I read the post about success and how they change their life, and then it gave me the courage again to try. I’m writing these because I accept the challenge of training of FHmom.

I know that it will be going to be hard and more challenge that I’m going to face this step but with the help of training that will give by the FHmom. I will be equipped when I’m facing the changes that I want, I know this is only the beginning but I’m hoping that someday, I’m also the one who will give courage to others.

How about you how will you change your life?

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