Travel Your Kids While They Are Young

Many parents seem to think that to travel with kids is pointless because they are never going to remember or appreciate it while they are young. Some say “Why you travel your kid at a very young age, she don’t remember that”. For me, travelling with a kid will help them boost their confidence and have freedom in whatever they do.

“The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.” – Og Mandino

As a parent of a beautiful girl I know that travelling with kids is not easy but I don’t agree that it’s not worth it. Travel has many benefits for kids no matter what their age and messing up their routine once in a while can do a great deal of good for them.

1.Travel teaches what kids can’t learn at school

Children learn invaluable lessons while travelling which cannot possibly be taught within a school environment. With travel, children gain independence, confidence, and learn real life skills through real life situations on the road.

2.Travel helps kids explore differences

Visiting new places allows children to explore new types of food, meet new people, and be exposed to different cultures and lifestyles. When kids travel, they learn that not everywhere is like “home” and not everyone is like the people they know.

3.Kids are “old enough” to travel

Don’t wait until your kids are “old enough” to travel and explore the world. Children are amazingly adaptable to new situations, and travelling with kids can be enjoyable, and beneficial at any age.

4. It encourages them to express themselves more

I would like to think that traveling and constant exposure to the outdoors have played a big role in our toddler’s ability to express herself. Why? We often ask her about the things that we see around and it encourages her to speak out. She talks about what excites her (like where we’ve been or where we’re going) and gets to widen her vocabulary.

5. It provides the best bonding experience as a family

Traveling provides one of the best ways to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Kids get to have more time with their parents and parents have all their attention to their kids. As far as I’m concerned, traveling is definitely the best time to bond.Once in a while, we get certain looks and comments from strangers for bringing around a seemingly uncomfortable-looking toddler especially during adventure travels. I personally think that we bet more on the educational value that we give our daughter which makes every crazy, exhausting trip totally worth it.Whether you decide to on a staycation, a weekend getaway or a short out-of-town trip or an adventure travel – do consider bringing your child or children with you. Don’t wait out until they are older. Moments like these could pass you by so cherish it while you can.

Blog posted by: Maria Carmela Fresco

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