Mirror Booth Philippines by VOSEGO

The ‘Coolest’ Mirror Booth experience is now in Manila, Philippines!

Mirror Booth is not your ordinary photo booth because it’s bigger, better, grander and cooler.

Ask me , How?

Imagine a life size multi touch screen with custom animations, voice over, games and now with its’ newest feature of augmented reality, that’s exactly VOSEGO’s Mirror Booth, imitated but never duplicated.

Here in VOSEGO Photography we always upgrade the software of our Mirror Booth to make it more fun and interactive.

We aim to customized your photo taking experience by using a wide array of features such as:

  • Gesture guidance,
  • Voice guidance,
  • Animated display sayings in the mirror,
  • Multi touch screen neon photo signing,
  • Social games ,
  • Augmented reality and many more.

We usually design 2-3 photo booth templates and your guest has the freedom to choose which photo experience they want. We also use a fast printer that prints within 12 seconds and most of all our photo papers are waterproof as well as scratch proof for long lasting memory keepsakes. Our Mirror Booth can reprint 2-3-4-5-6-7-8 reprints. Cool! Print for all. Everybody has a copy!

Invest in photographs because, after all of the preparations have been made, all the food have been eaten, all the guests have left, and the music and laughter fade away, these photographs are all that is left to remind you how happy you are on your wedding day.

Lito Sy – Phillippine Wedding Photographer

So on your next event, may it be a wedding, debut, corporate party, kids party or any kind of gathering do keep us in mind to keep your guest busy, happy and your event a success .

Check on the video below, how these local celebrities namely: Jan Marini and Gerard Pizarras loves VOSEGO’s Mirror Booth Experience!

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So to instantly turn your events up while capturing those memorable photos, add our Mirror Booth photo experience.

Come and visit our facebook and book us for your event! Tell us that you learned about us from this blog and we’ll give you our REFERRAL DISCOUNT!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vosego.ph/

Instagram: @vosego.ph

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Geonabeth Cadungog

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