How to Recover From a Heartbreak

Being in love is a priceless feeling, it’s worth the time the effort and the money. But I didn’t say it’s perfect, so what happens when it fails? You may ask How and where do I start? What do I do now that I am alone? A lot of questions only yourself can answer.

Lucky you! I have been there (Yes, I know what you’re thinking) poor girl left alone for another woman. But I’m proud I was able to pick up myself and came back with the new me. So, let me share with you how I became the 2.0 version of myself. 😀

  • Changed your Password and unfriended his family from all your Social Media accounts.

Yes, you heard me right for you to move on you must cut the connection between the two of you. It’s the first step for you to accept the fact that he is gone. Ouch!

  • Go out with friends and siblings catch up with them.

You may have disregarded them during the time when you were so in-love with that loser still they will give you all the support and love you need. Believe me they’re annoying in a lovable way.

  • It’s time to focus on your job

During this time, you will appreciate the job you’ve been complaining about. Nothing can help you forget than a busy office with noisy office mates and a demanding boss, just kidding.

  • Pamper and Improve yourself

You may never get back the time you wasted with that jerk, but it’s never too late to give time for yourself. Go to the gym and pamper yourself in the spa. Make it your outlet, it will not just help you forget it will also bring back the love to yourself.

  • Travel and Find yourself

You don’t have to travel abroad a trip just outside the city will do, look for a quiet place helps you reflect and meditate. One of my favorite places to go is the beach it helps me clear my mind and find peace in . Others prefer Sagada a place for the broken hearted as they say.

I hope those steps will help you the way it helped me. One day you will look back and just laugh out all the silly things you have done for love. As the saying goes “Time heals all wounds” and there left- is the Scar to remind you how stronger you became. Don’t ever forget once you find yourself back learn to Love it more.

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Ji-am Pestaño

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