Eating with your Family has been the best thing ever.

Feeling tired of the whole day, stressed out with the things that not go as plan and having a messy love life, Sometimes you just need to release the stress and clear your mind to rethink over, And you’re just thinking the life that you had before when you’re are high school and college student the things that you’re doing at that time, you’re just focusing schools and spending time with your family and friends.

There’s a case that I remember before, it’s our dinner time that there so many things that I should be done with my school activities and I remember I told my mom that they can eat first and I will just eat later on or sometimes since I’m tired in my school stuffI rather choose sleeping than eating but my mom mentioned to me, “No, we should eat together ” They always tried to convince us that we should  eat together ,And now I know why the reason, Because as we grew up, there’s so many changes that will be happened in our life that we can’t stop like living separately with your parents to work in another place and not able to see or eat together.

Right now I’m missing that moment that we spend together as a family, eating, talking and laughing together. Sharing what happened on that day , Asking each other opinion or laughing each other jokes. Even the food is not delicious you will enjoy eating it. Right now I’m missing that moment that we bound each other while eating and I realize how lucky person I am to have a complete family.

Advantage of Eating with the family

  •  You will have bound time together as a family.
  • Healthier body
  • Be more positive in life
  • You will be more open with your family
  • Can help each other’s problem
  • More strong connection with each other
  • You will learn more about life as you grow.
  • Less stress with life
  •  Learn each other attitude while talking or sharing thoughts together
  • Can avoid bad habit like smoking / Drinking and Drug

Disadvantage of not eating with family

  • You feel stranger to one another
  • Might be not healthy physically and mentally
  • Can be trouble with your life

There is a quote saying that “The Families that eat together, stay together” before I don’t understand this. But right now I fully appreciate this word. Like in this generation There’s so many broken families or parents that don’t have time and did not care about their kids. And for me one of the important things is to eat with your family to spend time , to stay strong, stay connected and stay positive in life.

Family is one important things that cannot be found anywhere they are your support system. If you have a problem or you got troubled you know that they always there to support you by your side and cheering for you. And Eating with your family one of the thing that you should not forget. “Eating together makes your family last foreverits sign for one another that you love each other and you are there no matter what.

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