Advantage of Traveling

It is important to travel that everybody says. So what’s the whole thing about this fuss? Why are you traveling and loving to travel?

The advantages of travel are not only one thing: travel changes you physically and psychologically. It’s not a valid excuse to have little time or money. You can fly very easily for cheap. You can still fly on a weekend or a holiday, even with a child, if you have a full-time job and a family. 

Some of the major advantages of travel are here. And I’m sure you’ll find some more yourself once you get started!

1. Travel enhances health

The health benefits of traveling are massive from reducing stress to lowering the chances of developing heart disease. You could sit on a chair all day in the workplace: you would surely feel better while going on a ride. Some people are even treated to depression and anxiety by wandering abroad. It’s certainly not a stupid cure, but it may help you feel better, physically and mentally.

More travels can have an enormous impact on your mental well-being, especially if you’re not used to leaving your comfort zone. Trust me: more traveling and your doctor will be happy. Be sure to contact the physician, if you travel to areas of the world that are suspected of dangerous diseases, they might recommend some medication to accompany you.

2. You can get out of your everyday life by traveling

My previous point is closely connected. We tend to get so caught up in everyday life that we can do more harm to ourselves than good sometimes by just sticking around. Does your boss take your life over? Children drive you crazy? Are your parents trying to make you live their desired life? How long do you think you can deal with this pressure before you fall apart?

Sometimes it is better to step back, breathe deeply and take that selfie of the San Juanico Bridge. It’s not a bad option – it’s the natural way to make someone believe you miss someone or that you are missed. The trick is to get away with a little preparation to avoid errors during your trip. Moreover, if you are flying, sooner than later you will begin to think about booking your tickets.

3. Travel makes you more knowledgeable

Every time you travel, you become used to collect new words in another language and your brain skills improve. If only, start to get to know the jargon of travel.

Traveling will help you learn more about yourself than just languages. You may face challenges where you have to think differently and be resourceful. I’m sure you’re going to build a new set of skills you didn’t suspect you had.

4. Traveling improves your knowledge about other cultures

How we travel from person to person may vary, but people traveling always have empathy and a more profound understanding of other cultures.

Being intelligent and tolerant about a culture different from our own is part of being intelligent, but I see it as an advantage of traveling in itself. St. Augustine’s quote says: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. You might think about it like this. You’ll miss a ton of information if you read the information or watch the news on the TV and don’t question it. You may think that it helps you to become more intelligent and conscious of the world, but exactly the opposite is true: it reduces your mind to a unique and biased perspective.

Sure, where you are probably feeling relaxed, but that’s just a fraction of the globe. You have a skeptical opinion about your journey to regions. I bet you’ll change your mind and realize it’s not all so bad abroad.

5. It makes you more interesting to travel

You’re quite the conversationalist, I have no doubt. That said, you are likely to get even more coverage from a few stories from abroad. It is always a good way to shine in a social situation to say something that most people do not know or bring a new viewpoint. You do not have to write a whole essay on travel, just address what you saw and where you were: people who are familiar with their everyday lives will travel with your words.

Who do you think people want to hear: the guy who spent a holiday at home, reading the daily news or who was in Cuba for a week driving an old American car and swimming with dolphins and sampling spicy food? I know the story about which I’m going to hear.

6. Allows travelers to try great food

Talking about food, I’m going to bet that you are one heck of a chef. But there’s no way to try a traditional local dish from a different country. Don’t wait to go to the next Sushi shop: until you’re to Japan, you don’t know how much sushi tastes. You learn what’s really going on while traveling and consider it to be very different from what you used to do.

It’s a whole new experience to eat local food in a new country. There are different flavors. Hear me out: I love our local recipes. I’m Filipino. That’s what you do. But let’s not kid ourselves: changes in our daily diet are more than welcome. If only because of our curiosity. Some food bloggers travel for a certain dish for thousands of kilometers! You can least go to the next region and try something new.

7. You feel like an adventurer when you travel.

While the globe has never been so closely linked as it is today, the average tourist still knows a few locations. It is highly motivating to write up a list of locations you want to visit. You’ve got to go after something real. I’m working on my own list of buckets now, and, with all these fantastic destinations, I think I will never see the end of the list.

The downside of moving to a new place is that it allows you to face the unknown. You don’t have to go to the jungle for a month! Living in a big city can make you feel different just by walking around the weekend. Adventures require something new, so get out of your area of comfort. It could be frightful but in retrospect, you will see it as your best choice!

8. Expansion of your social network

Believe it or not, in the real world social networks have once been like a real thing. One of the key reasons I love traveling is that it is one of the smartest things that can be done today to create relations and develop a network abroad. It is sometimes difficult to establish long term relationships with people that you meet abroad, but that doesn’t mean that meeting new people isn’t worth it!

9. Traveling Allow you to create memories of a lifetime

My grandfather was an excellent storyteller and he told me about his travels as a child. As a young man, he regretted not to travel more. Years later, he still kept everything in detail, because he was really impressed with traveling. And it’s likely going to be on you too.

Whatever the insignification it might seem, it creates a memory you’ll remember for a long time that you had an experience abroad, something that was out of the ordinary. I believe that it is because many people continue to travel that we build such memories.

10. You love home even more when traveling

“The magic of home is that it feels good to go, and even better to come home.” On the one hand, it looks like you’re back where you began, the same environment, same people, same problems. But you aren’t the same – you are new, with many ideas and new knowledge!

While living in the same place all my life, I realize I was bored. I needed a change of sight, I had to get out. I focused only on the negative: how much there is to be learned, how you see the same people, how nothing changes. Now, I’m happy I’m coming home and only see the good.

Some thoughts on travel benefits

I hope you want to travel more in 2020 with this travel post. When you travel, you know that the world is far better than the news you watch on TV.

I love a quote from Mark Twain: “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” The money you spend on travel is an investment in yourself. You don’t feel bad about expenditure travel.

Written by: Minette Estoque

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