What makes happiness

Is it about buying a new shirt, buying a new car, buying new gadget

In the world where living around us have so many new things that so nice in the eyes. We tend to wonder what is the best one to supply our own joy. 

As a mother nowadays we tend to price our young ones with new things to make them happy. We at times make happiness out of a price that is for them to enjoy. It is not an issue as long as one can afford but when we go to the deeper meaning of contentment and source of joy. It is about those moments when we do things out of the ordinary. Simple ways of showing kindness, love and appreciation. 

In the world where we live in, fast and changing existence we will try to catch up and caught with our own actions. The new generation as they look in the web they see and discover new technology, new clothes, new toys and so many new things to hold unto. 

It is a constant work for a mother like me to stay the human connection for my children. I need to make things with human touch as possible. I want my children to feel that by doing special and memorable experience is much more realistic than getting a new toy. It is a challenge since the old days it was more of the interaction and socialization to be happy and enjoy the time well spent.

Quality time is about eating dinner together, it’s about going to the market for the grocery list, it’s about watching a movie together, in a short beach outing and the list goes on. It’s a matter of working out priorities and making things work. It’s never an easy way to let our children feel the importance of time well spent. However when they are raised in that culture at a young age then being with you even at their teens is still acceptable with them. 

What makes happiness to you? What makes you say this is the reason for all the things that is worth living for. There are so many things that comes with completing the feeling you feel inside and it’s worth every little act of being love and beloved. Family and memories are never bought by time and they are experiences that makes us well with it. I will continue to cherish life and work on things that matter to my heart, that matter to my life. At the end of the day, it’s about the things that make you happy and feel the joy within. 

By : Anna C Guiao

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