“I’m not really single. I mean I am, but I have a SON. Being a single mother is different from being a single woman.” – Kate Hudson

The way I see life changes every day, When I got pregnant and the father of my child didn’t stay with me, life shows me that it is not easy. It tested my physical, emotional and spiritual strength. I’m an outdoor person then suddenly everything changed. It taught me to be independent. I feel that I am complete, regardless of the situation.

I experienced discrimination, gossips everywhere. Asking me where’s the father of my baby. There was also a time that I choose to lie to those who don’t know me well. Every time they asked me where is he. I always ended up saying he’s working in Manila as we are currently living in the province, and we are okay as a happy complete family. It hurts a lot but I choose to ignore them.

I’m thankful even if I made a mistake because my parents choose to stay by my side and help me to raise my child. They said “We cannot have the time back, and the best thing that we can do is always be the best version of ourselves so that in the future we will not regret the things we did in the past.”

Now my son is growing up so fast I’m teaching him to respect women and the elderly so that when the time comes when he becomes a man, he will not repeat the same thing that his father done to us.

Written by: Mary Denilyn Natividad

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