Things you need to know about Parada ng Lechon.

Every province here in the Philippines has their own non-religious and religious festivals. In my hometown of Balayan Batangas. It started in what used to be the depressed area in Western Poblacion in our town. We celebrate the most unique and coolest festival in Southern Tagalog called Parada ng Lechon.

Roasted pig or LECHON.
  •  Saint john the baptist

This phenomenal festival started in honor of our patron Saint John the Baptist. The splashing of water is representing the baptism of Jesus Christ and the lechon is for thanksgiving. The Hermano facilitates the novena in their place, nine days before the fiesta people gathered every night to attend the novena or the locals called dapit.

Saint John the Baptist

Matthew 3:11 quotes Saint John as saying: I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Spirit, and with fire.”

  • Parada ng lechon

The Lechon is the centerpiece of all special celebrations. In Balayan we have a festival called Parada ng Lechon. People from different clubs carry the lechon or placed on floats. Following the Mass, at Immaculate Conception Church the parade kicked off about a hundred of roasted pigs in the streets leading to the church. Some of the spectators could sneak a bite of heavenly lechon as they pass by. In this unique festival where whole roasted pig is dressed according to the theme of the participating clubs. 

  • Food, Drinks and Balayeños

Preparing the Lechon removing innards and wash inside and take away the hair by shaving. They add some seasonings, skewer the pig with a bamboo pole and roasted over charcoal for 4 -5 hours. While roasting brush made of banana leaves with oil and liquid seasonings for added crispness. After roasting you can chop it and serve with sweet and sour liver sauce this is how Balayeños eat the mouth-watering lechon.

After the parade, all the Lechon returns to their respective clubs to continue the celebration. From binge eating to drinking until night time. Balayeños houses are open to welcome all the guests regardless you don’t know them personally. A lot of splashing of water and beer everywhere you can drink it for free, bumabaha ng alak. In every street, in the west end , the participating clubs/organization have their own LIve bands. You can eat, drink and go to the concert for FREE.


  • Expect to get doused and splashed with water. Bawal ang pikon.
  • Gear up with a waterproof bag for gadgets and extra clothes.
  • Be early to see the parade start after ng morning mass.
  • Don’t forget to bring a water gun and let’s have a water war. 

Experience doused with water from a fire truck. This is the real wet and wild street party ever.  You will be thrilled to see the main star the LECHON. I am proud to say that this is the grandest fiesta in the Philippines. See you here.

Sigrid Mendoza

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