My Fear To Start a Freelancing Career

With the rapid growth of technology and internet, it is not really surprising that many are now shifting to digital world. From corporate job to digital job .

Freelancing is now a trend today. It is a work from home and you work at your own pace. You will become your boss at your own work space. This sounds fascinating but you have to be sincere about your work. you need to focus on your work because “Time is Money”.

I am very much interested in starting a freelancing career, but also wondering how to find freelance work even though I have no experience as a freelancer. I know it’s going to be hard but everyone has to start somewhere. I have watched and read a lot of success stories about freelancing and it tempt me enough to start try freelancing career.

I’ve always think of how do i start till i found out that there’s a lot of online tutorials. I’m excited about it, and at the same time i am struggling on how to start with it. One of the biggest reason why i am scared of trying to land on a freelance career is because i am behind with the apps or let’s just say the technology we have nowadays. I am thankful that there are already mentors and coaches that help us introduce the world of digital. I am also thankful that my family support me with this.

It’s challenging but i know it will be worth it once we get over this.

Once we get over all these struggles and challenges, i am pretty sure that we will be able to successfully launch a freelance career of our own.

Just believe and have faith.

-menchie aquino

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