Significance of All Living Creation

Every form of life on earth is important and all living organisms have the right to exist. Life seems to be of the basic natural phenomena on earth. Human beings like us share a community with other creations that are different from ours. But it doesn’t mean that creations physically different from us have a lesser moral value than any other to live is a living proof that we are co-equally important.

Human beings are the most highly evolved inhabitants of the earth’s ecosystem. Like everything else on the planet, we are the product of time and chance of evolution and survival. When it comes down to it, human beings have nothing special but our highly evolved brains. Apart from this, a human is created by its unique style and own characteristics in life.

  All of the living things (plants, animals, and organisms) in a given area, interacting with each other, and also with their non-living environments (weather, earth, sun, soil, climate, and atmosphere). Ecosystems are the foundations of the biosphere and they determine the health of the entire earth system.

So, Why is it some of us took it for granted by living in this momentous world? for this is not ours. Instead of giving value and feel the essence of the ecosystem, we abused it. And who suffers now? Well, not you not them but us. Therefore starting from now people must not tolerate the importance of the ecosystem for it is the main source of life. Take good care of it and be a model towards individuals to attain a better world to live in.

By: Jennylyn Cabcaban

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