What’s In a Name?

As a child I wondered at why we name persons and things. How come things were named as such and people were named as such. As I grew up, I have come to understand the importance of a person’s name.

My dad named me Marinela at birth, he said that he saw the name in a lifestyle magazine. He did chose well, my name is not common and always misspelled. My maternal grandmother fondly called me Maranela and a handful call me Marianila.

Every time I introduce myself, I say that my friends call me Lala and my enemies call me Marinela. Another childhood name I go by is Ela, and the people who know me since I was a baby call me that. I can tell exactly who calls me by what name. My friends since highschool call me Lala. Some of my dad’s cousin sometimes call me Facunda, because they say I have big resemblance to their great-grandmother. Too bad, they don’t have a photo to prove, but she must be pretty, too!

Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language.

Dale carnegie

My friend Myra, her grandmother used to call her Mehra. So, one childhood friend also calls her Mehra. Another friend is named Rachel. We pronounce her name Ra-chel, but some people prounounce it as Ray-chel. Another friend, we always called her Cecil, only to find out later on that her registered name is Raquel! What the heck!

But, what is in a name? Our personal name, it is the sweetest sound we hear. It is the first sound we actually respond to. Name gives us individuality and uniqueness. It gives us a sense of ownership of personality. People are named to honor or to immortalize somebody. Some are names are inane, some are symbolic while others are historic.

A personal name gives a person their own value. When calling or referring to a person by their given names, it gives that person respect and identity.

by Marinela L. Ibabao

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