Promonatics Mom

I am certified Promonatics Momma! It all started in 2012, when most company created their Social Media accounts and made promos to get more subscribers and likers. It was the best time to grab all the opportunity to join. In able to get a chance of winning promos, you are challenged to like and share their featured post and if you are lucky enough to win, you could be drawn on raffle promos by the means of subscribing to their page. My most favorite challenges was photo contests where you have to take the best shot by featuring their products.

Here’s my first winning. I took a picture of my son featuring the Thermos bag and added a catchy caption. With all the best of luck, we have won an iPad2 for posing the products. Take note the bag was a company gift and was stocked two years long inside a cabinet.

Back then, I never stopped joining. There are times I invested on buying products to do photoshoots. Best angles are captured during vacations where you couldn’t really fake smiles that are bearing the enjoyment. I enjoy it a lot, the feeling of nervousness and excitement. There are moments where I join using my hubby’s account for more chances of winning and with all the luck, sometimes we hit it.

The best part was claiming prizes. Other company requires prizes to be claimed in their offices, but most of the prizes are delivered on your doorstep.

These are few announcement posts of winners, and luckily I’m on the list.

A photo of claiming prizes with all the joy.

Lately, I often join due to my busy schedule. I only pick contests with awesome and valuable prizes. My last victory was last August, when I won an automatic washing machine.


Joining these promos is like a battle in life. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but the significance is the experiences making you better each time. This is my promonatics story. I hope you enjoyed and be determined to learn if you will join with all the hope of winning. Thank you and God Bless us all.


Written by: Charity Carlos

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