How to Make the Most out of Mommy “Me Time”

Do you remember those times when you wake up and go to bed whenever you want?  Go out with friends and have adventures on a whim? Those days when you had complete financial freedom and can spend money on fancy clothes, mani and pedi, hair treatments?  Don’t you miss those times when you had time to just lay back, relax, and lose yourself in a good book?  Well who says those days have come to pass?  We mommies just need to get creative with scheduling and budgeting our “me time”.

But how on earth will my kids and partner survive if I leave them even for a second?! Trust me, they will.

Taking time to recharge from our everyday routines is beneficial to our overall well-being.  We need to take care of ourselves before we are able to take care of others.  Heck, even pre-flight safety demonstrations tell us to put on that oxygen mask first before assisting other passengers in putting theirs on (yes, even kids)!

The only way we can truly be good moms and partners is if we’re physically, spiritually, and emotionally sound.

Stress makes us grumpy, flustered, and resentful.  It may even lead to depression.  So, for everyone’s sake, take a break mommy!  Tell your partner to take the kids out for a date or better yet, a weekender and start picking from this list of sure-fire ways to refresh and recharge:

Get pampered.  Go get a relaxing massage; add a mani pedi, too while you’re at it.

Meditate.  Yoga and meditation helps center us.  Journaling helps gather our thoughts.

Run a bubble bath.  Soak in those bubbles and watch your stress melt away.

Try something new.  Get that trending hairstyle and hair color you’ve always wanted.  Learn a new recipe.  Watch make up tutorials and experiment on what make up works for your daytime and night time look.  Start a new craft project.

Go exploring on your own.  Take a road trip or fly to a new destination you haven’t been before and soak in new cultural experiences.

Do some retail therapy.  Buy that dress that makes you feel like a thousand bucks.  Even new underwear have the ability to give us that secret confidence.

Reconnect with friends. Gather your squad for brunch.  Have coffee with a long lost friend.

Stay in your pajamas.  Take naps.  Netflix and chill.  Lose yourself in the pages of a book.

Indulge in the arts.  Watch a play or musical. Visit museums and galleries.

Whatever you do, don’t begrudge yourself of your “me time”.  We all deserve a break every now and then so we can come back recharged and more appreciative of the lives we lead now.  Your partner and kids will thank you for it.

by Leone Samonte

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