Confession of a SAHM mom…

9 long years of being a SAHM, is not a joke!!

It was 8 years ago when I became a mom! The happiest day of my life indeed! All the sleepless nights, changing nappies, giving bathe, washing all feeding bottle as well as breastfeeding are all worth it and I really enjoyed every moment of it.

With my first born..

And another blessing comes after 4 years and another again after 2 years same happiness and same routine. (No plan to add more..lols)

With my second and youngest…

Since we are currently residing abroad so no nanny all by myself with a little help from my husband because he is working. Alone in the delivery room just me and my midwife who’s comforting me during labor period. After 2-3 days in the hospital, again, same routine plus doing the house chores. And been doing this and that until now.

It took me 9 years to realize that is this my purpose in life, to be a mom (only) and my husband’s sidekick? I used to work in different company after I graduated but I decided to be SAHM for my kids. There are times I missed working or most likely getting paid so I don’t need to ask money from my husband and buy my own stuff. I missed my own self “me time”, since my family are my priority I forgot myself , what I want, places where I want to go and meet people whom I used to get along with when I am not a mom yet. Even buying my favorite perfume and pampering myself once in awhile. There are times I was mistaken as a nanny. Well, I can’t blame them since I used to be one in our house but deep inside it hurts.

Finally, one of my colleague introduce me to home-based job and invited me to be part of FHMOMS and since then I have been a member and took courses that will boost my confidence again apart from being a “nanny” at home. I realized that it is not enough to think all the drama why I am just this and that instead think of something that you will be more useful. Bring back the old me without compromising my family especially my kids well being. But no regrets for those years that I am SAHM until now or until when because I have a very supportive husband and three amazing boys that keeps me alive and kicking.

Me and my BOYS
Rodilyn M. Velasquez 

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