A Deep Thought: From A Single Parent

“Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.”  ~ Meg Lowrey

I was 3 months pregnant when my ex-boyfriend left me. That sucks. That was painful. We both made plans, both made some agreements. Then one day, I discovered a one way plane ticket for himself to only-God-knows where. And that’s it! He was gone. To make matters worse, I was in a foreign country – on my own. 

But I refused to give up. I didn’t want to be on the losing side. So I cried for a few nights (it lasted week I think),  then wiped my tears and decided to get back on my feet. Time to move forward. Start a new chapter. And that’s how my journey as a single parent began.

Being a single parent is one of the toughest jobs.

Being a single parent is never easy. It is one of the hardest jobs, to tell you the truth. You do almost everything. You have the sole responsibility of paying the bills, putting food on the table, doing household chores, taking care of your child, sending him to school, paying for his school fees, and so on. The list never ends. But let me tell you, it is actually the most rewarding thing that’s ever happened to me. Plus, I get all the love, all the kisses, all the cuddles, from this little boy who turns my world upside down – in a very good way, of course. 

My son in Oceanarium, Bournemouth Pier

Being a single parent gives me the inspiration to do the best in life, not just for myself, but for my son. That sense of determination to succeed – to show everyone that our lives don’t just end here just because we become a single parent. It gives me the strength I didn’t know I have. 

My son is now 4 years old. He’s so full of life, full of laughter (and really a handful I must say. Ha!). Do I have any regrets? Not at all. If I would be given the chance to turn back time, I would still go back to the time I got knocked up. Because it was on that moment I was given the most precious gift I could have in life.

I never regretted being a single mother.

Whenever my friends ask me how I did it, I could only answer, “I honestly don’t know.” But what I know is, I will face more challenges, more struggles in the future. And, I have to be prepared. 

Me and my son seeing Stonehenge, Salisbury

To all single parents out there, be proud. Let’s hold our heads up high. Because we are doing one hell of a job. 

Joanne M. Ruelo

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