A painting that tells a story and for me, it’s a couple planning about the future. To build their own family, having kids, building their own house, to buy everything they want inside their house like to furniture’s, appliances, a choice of house paint, the color of curtain or blinds, style of dining table, choice of cups and plates, to cook in their own kitchen, to have their own Christmas tree to up every season, to buy a car to ride with the kids. Those every couple to dream with not to make issues from their families but to establish their so-called ‘OWN’. That’s “US”. The moment we got married. We started to build those plans and 16 years of our marriage all those become “REAL”.

As I’ve read this quote tears in my eyes have fallen apart on my face. As a mother or as a wife you may overreact just like your always reminding your kids or your husband everything you knew that could help them to get through in every situation, suggesting your thoughts, always asking them fancy question how’s their day. And when your actions might differ with their understanding you’ve ended up to still stand with your compassion neither as a mother or a wife that reminds you to selfless love.

This quote I always do. Especially, when my children are away. When they go to school, field trips, or even when they have exams. They might say a mother’s prayer is very powerful that’s why I use that power to cover my children to become safe, healthy and to reach their goal in everything they do.

This quote I always tell to my children. You can buy everything to have a new one or as a replacement. But you cannot see “SELLING” a different kind of MOTHER in any store. Because a MOTHER is a unique creation of God. And will be forever the children’s asset in life.

This! This quote that the universe should be a reminder to every child. When they think they can do things for themselves. Like they can feed themselves on their own. To think, how the mother took care of them from her womb and to how they grow now. They can easily take for granted the benefits of having the effort of a mother. Saving your mother from pain was the same as you save yourself from being dirty.

Yeah! I’m always telling this to my children. That, they may meet different people. To build a relationship as a classmate, as an intimate one, a best friend, a buddy. And sometimes thinking to compare how special of their treatment towards you. Some may treat you nice, but some treat you fancy. Don’t be too get influenced that they embark your whole existence. Never ruin your relationship with your parents and with your siblings just to be perfect with anyone. At the end of the day, your family is your family. No one will care for you as much as your parents and will take the memories of your childhood with your siblings.

This one is what I’ve learned from my boss when I was in a corporate during our year-end brainstorming meeting. That, made me realize to apply it in my everyday actions and plans worthwhile.

10 words to LIFE. Live Simply because it made you think MORE. Dream Big because it made your GOAL deeper and REAL. Be Grateful because it made you think that you are BLESSED. Give Love because it made you SELFLESS and HAPPY. Laugh Lots because it nourishes your HEART and SOUL.

yours truly,


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