My Journey as a Freelancer and a Traveler– and you can have your own happy journey too!

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is fly.

HI! I’m Charlene, and I am a Freelancer for one year already. As crazy as it may sound, I left my secured corporate job in the accounting field to be a freelancer because I want to travel. NO REGRETS.

October 2018, I left my corporate job exchanging it with a part-time client. It’s not a big-time client, but thank God, I finally have the freedom to travel, to do whatever I want, to not ask my boss to allow me to be absent even for a day, and all the things that hindered me from pursuing my real passion. I managed to go to 5 countries from October to December 2018. It ‘s not as easy at it sounds, though. I have to save money before doing this naive decision (as others may say) but for me it’s a brave act to pursue the things that I really love without the security of what my future (career-wise) holds.

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Bangkok, Thailand
Mekong River near Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

As I got home, I worked as an Independent Contractor for a freelancing company, working for more than 12 hours to make a mere amount of P500 per day (haha!) There were times that I wanted to just go back to being a corporate employee, at least there’s a job security. But my inner me keeps on telling me to pursue what I really loved. In short, I continued. I submitted my resumes wherever I could. I failed a lot of job interviews, if you only knew.

Fast forward January 2019, after attending FHMOM’s COOL program, I submitted more impressive resumes to employers, and you know what? A very kind employer from Houston, Texas immediately hired me. Indeed a blessing from above! (ps. I love FHMOM community if it wasn’t for you, I will never be where I am now)

February 2019, I started travelling again, now with a better-paying client more than enough for me to travel and to save money for my future!

Taichung, Taiwan
Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon
Ilocos Region
Boracay Island– Watching the sunset while working, how multitasking are you?
Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, Vietnam
French Village near Da Nang, Vietnam

As of now, I am blessed with three clients. Before, it was decision of no assurance. I can be broke, jobless with no career path but because of perseverance, hard work, and most importantly, my faith, it let me to where I am now. Freelancing might be hard and overwhelming at first, but if you start believing in yourself, believe me, things will turn out the way you wanted it to be! Never stop learning, and never start growing! -Charlene Narte

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