Turn your passion into profession

“Turning your passion into your job is easier than finding a job that matches your passion” – Seth Godin

Way back 2003, during my high school days – that is the time I really felt the love and interest on baking. It all started on my Home Economics subject which the lesson includes a combination of class discussion and hands on baking. It made me happy when I came out with a successful result of baking and designing cakes. Aside from cakes, I also had a chance to bake brownies and cookies. Then at home I continue practicing what I’d learned from school using our oven toaster. (simple recipe only)

Left: Chocolate Chips Cookies, Middle: Chocolate Fudgy Brownies, Right: Butter Cookies

Then it follows with my Feasibility Study during my college days, also connected in baking which is putting up a Bakeshop. But when I graduated in college, I was lead in a different road away from my passion. I need to earn money for a living in a corporate world.

Years passed, I also had my own family but still my loved on baking is still there – neglected but never forgotten.

As a stay at home mom, during my free time I continue to do my passion on baking just for personal consumption. Then there come an occasion (my second child birthday) where I bake cupcakes and serve to the visitors. They were all amazed and enjoyed my recipe.

These are the cakes and cupcakes that I baked for personal consumption

So as the compliments on my cake and cupcake recipe outburst and the request for orders started to increase, I decided to cater orders for different events such as birthdays, baptismal, anniversary, etc.

I’m now in a process of enhancing my knowledge and preparation in putting up my own store. For now it’s still a home base business coz I’m still looking for a location to put up my physical store. I enrolled in Culinary School taking Bread and Pastry Production NC II to have a full knowledge and expand my understanding about basic preparation and production of different baked products.

This is my product logo

As of now these are some of the bake products I made and still looking forward for more designs to offer:

Barbie Cake, Hello Kitty Cake, Cupcake with personalized fondant toppers

This story intends to inspires individuals most especially stay at home moms to discover their passion, those things that make them happy and develop it. From there, you may improve yourself and may earn income as well. It does not happen often that someone may enjoy the thing they do for a living. Most apparently they was just force to do it for the purpose of salary but without a sense of happiness and contentment. Don’t just dream, make it happen.

Hope you get inspired with my story…

By: Divina Endriga Ogalinola

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