There is nothing more thrilling for a new graduate than to be hired for his/her first job. I started working for a company in Makati a month after my graduation. It was exciting. A Makati girl. I was dreaming of this moment all of my college days.

Meeting new friends, going to company events, team buildings, trying out all the restaurants every sweldo added to the excitement. Not to mention the company benefits, bonuses, the guaranteed salary every 15th /30th and the anticipation of salary increase every year.

Then I had a baby.

Every morning I go to office with a heavy heart leaving my baby alone with just the yaya. I couldn’t wait to get home again even if I just arrived at work. Then there is the recurring challenge of having to ask for emergency leave every time baby gets sick or yaya left without warning and you scrambling to look for a replacement.

Fast forward to a few more years and another baby, I quit my job.


I decided to use my back pay to start a business. I knew nothing about business. No family or close friend is into business.

We got a franchise for a food cart and put up a T-shirt printing business. It was also exciting at first. A new experience. It’s a different kind of thrill.

We got by for a few months until we came to a plateau. The effort and sacrifices are not just worth it with what we are earning. We closed shop.

When you have no big capital and you are not willing to take a big risk, I guess you cannot expect a big return as well. I was not willing to lose the hard earned money I got with working all those years and so I just took the “safe” business route.


I need to earn. We are running low on our finances. But I am not willing to work in an office again, leaving very early and getting home soooo late at night. I wanted to be with my kids. I want to be there when they need me.

But how?

It was not easy. I have to research A LOT. I attended lots of trainings, free and paid. I have to learn a new skill. I practiced every day. I created my resume, cover letter and portfolio. I armed myself. I readied myself.

My hard work paid off. I got a client! Now I am able to earn while working at home. It feels good that I can help with our finances and take care of my kids at the same time.

I feel online job is meant for me. I wish I learned about it and did it sooner. 

I am glad I got to experience being an office girl and entrepreneur. There are no regrets there for sure. I believe my experience from my corporate job as well as lessons learned from being an entrepreneur has been an advantage for me both in applying for jobs and doing my current work.

Some are meant for an office job, some become successful entrepreneurs and some enjoys working from home. Whatever path we choose, what is important is we love what we do and be the best that we can be.

Cristine Trinidad
Freelancer 💜 Virtual Assistant 💚 Work-At-Home Mom

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