Moms Do-it-yourself party journey

Moms love DIY parties.

Hi, I am Mom Shee and this is my DIY party journey!

Samuel & Sean

I am a Mom of two sweet, loving and cute little men, Samuel Ethan (7 years old) and Sean Elson (2 years old). Honestly, being with them every day is exhausting (most moms can relate to me) but each day also is so fulfilling.

It’s the age also wherein they are always invited to attend kiddie parties. But our favorite really is when we are attending a backyard, house or garage parties.  As a guest, it makes me feel at home, comfy and you can really get-to-know the celebrant’s family.

During my younger years, I can already feel the creativity I have inside. Especially when we are attending events. I am curious about how things were being set-up, everything we’re made of what and a lot more.

Now that I’m a MOM, I became more hands-on with all their events like christenings as well as birthdays. So, I must say that I am an experienced DIY Party Momma!

A do-it-yourself celebration is not an easy duty for Moms. But, most of us enjoy its journey.

Starting from the theme generation, color combination, favorite cartoon character, guest list, food preparation and most especially the shopping part.

A lot of extra effort and hard work are expected, though it’s not a problem at all since that’s where we are all good at. It’s going to be a challenging journey but it’s all worth it.

You need to be creative and practical if you want to succeed in creating a DIY Party.

Here are some tips I can share to guide you on planning your DIY Party:

PLAN SMART NOT PLAN HARD. Always prepare a checklist. Ensure that you have the basics of a DIY party.

ASK HELP. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from relatives and co-mommies. It’s a great time to bond with each other.

RESEARCH. You need to research where to find budget-friendly party essentials. Search online or meet with moms who have done DIY Parties. For sure you’ll get a lot of ideas!

THINK. Be creative of what you can re-use and improve from previous parties and redesign based on your theme.

And lastly, of course YOU can do it!

A memorable DIY Party is not based on how many guests attended your party nor the number of gifts received but it’s all about the time and effort that you put together because of your love.

And I would say that I did a great job when I received my kids’ kisses, hugs and thank you’s for the best-party-ever.

Shella Marie Llamas – DIY Party Blogger

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