”risking is better than regretting..”

No! I can’t do that!
I will try it next year!
Uh- not now maybe next time.
I don’t have any idea about that.
I don’t have any EXPERIENCE.
I’m just a high school graduate.

Those are the phrases I usually hear from others. Mostly from those people who really wanted to earn money and be in a job or position that is not or will never be easy as what they think of. Many of us want to earn money but we don’t like to use the money to start. We are all afraid of being a failure even we didn’t start anything yet. The fear of losing something stopping us from doing the things that we really wanted to do.

Nowadays, people like to get anything for free and instant. We really don’t wanna put more effort anymore, because we think that putting effort means wasting time. We always look for shortcuts. We always think that we could do everything without working on it. I know a person like this. Actually, they are a lot of them. They are just out there, waiting for some luck.. magic. I really don’t believe that people have limitations. You can be whoever you wanna be, you can do whatever you wanna do.

It is just you who is limiting yourself!
It is just you who is belittling yourself!
It is just you who is afraid of being rejected! I
t is just you who is being so lazy!
It is just you who is not confident with yourself!
It is just you who has a problem.

Why they couldn’t realize that the time is ticking so fast? Why not start now? How come you could have an experience without doing anything now, as in right now? What are they waiting for?

Written by: Aireal Yapcengco

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