My Medela and I

Got My Breastmilk and My Baby’s DNA Charms @ TenderFoot


March 17, 2017 Marks the First day of My Breastfeeding Journey…

I was on a Delivery room and feeling very excited and nervous.. It was just a few minutes away to meet our Little One.. After a few hours they let me have my baby because Department of Health (DOH) were implementing the Unang Yakap campaign. The feelings was surreal… No words to explain that moment when I finally held on my baby.

After a Few hours we returned to our room and continue to breastfed. But after a while I have noticed that my baby kept on crying. I was so worried that I don’t have enough breast milk. When the Pediatrician made her rounds she checked if I have a breast milk for my baby., Thankfully I Have… although it’s not quite a lot.. but i was told that a new born doesn’t need much milk.

After a few weeks my breast milk increased. I made sure to myself that I will breastfed my baby for a longer time. I started building my milk stash on her second month. since I need to get back to office after my Maternity Leave.


When I returned to office I was thankful because the company provides 40 minutes break to the breastfeeding mothers. Pumping breaks at the office was fun because I have gained a lot of “Pumping Mommies @ CBC”, we actually became too close that we have made a group chat. I was very confident on the breast pump that I was using because of the brand. But when I have met other mommies on my office and seen the breast milk they produced I was just half of them. although their pump was way more cheaper than mine, It was unbranded Breast pump bought on LAZADA. That’s when I realized that it is not because the Breast pump was expensive but more on the breast milk production of the mother.

Pumping Mommies @ CBC

But sadly, I ended my breastfeeding journey a way to soon.. 1 year and 3 months to be exact. because my baby was underweight. The Pediatrician advice us to start on Milk formula so we can meet the ideal weight because the breast milk that I produced were more than water than fats.

Either way, I’m still happy and contented that I had a year and 3 months of breast feeding journey.


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