Soon to be a Working at Home Mom

June of 2018 I resigned from my work to dedicate time with my family. Home management is necessary to balance relationship and overseeing household activities.  Patience is a prerequisite specially with a toddler, desired much attention and love from us. Managing a home requires skills such as planning, organizing, budgeting and directing.

my treasures

January of 2019 I was invited by my friend to join the Filipina Homebased Moms Facebook Group. As I was checking on the fb posts and watching the videos, I was inspired and encouraged to try it. The atmosphere of helping each other and made it possible to be working at home mom. I guess it’s exciting and challenging way of life. Patience is essential, determination and willingness to learn new things in the online world. It may take some time for me to learn and absorb the process, but I will do it for self-improvement and to help my family financially.

Being a mom, a wife, and soon to be working at home mom is challenging. Embracing all the changes, doing the best that I can and pray unceasingly.

by: Leah Lara Acha

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