My Journey

Journey into a Different Country. They have a different language, different culture, different food and even different character or meaning to their writing. 

Since 2013, I went abroad to work. It was really hard for me in the beginning, but now it’s easier. Now we have phones to translate what you don’t understand if you are in a different country.


Changhua, Taiwan was my very first journey. I worked in Production there. I was not the only Filipino working in the company. It was easier for me and I was lucky to have the Filipino worker there. In production and the dormitory, there’s always Filipino’s who will teach you how to speak their Mandarin language. They are good, caring people and they guide you to where you can buy things that you need. 
Taiwan’s language was a little bit hard in the beginning and mostly because of their alphabetical characters or chinese characters. When they speak, some are using mandarin, and some are using Cantonese, also called Hokkien. Their country is small but prosperous. They also have“ beautiful places and good food.


My favorite place. A lot of Castles, or History, green trees, flowers, and fresh air…

2017 I came to Romania and Married a Romanian Man, the love of my life. The first thing that I thought when I landed at their airport was that people here are using English too.

As time goes by I realize not all the people are using English. I also didn’t have so many Filipino friends in this place to teach me about Romania. I only had one, but after a few months, she and her family migrated to another country. It’s very rare for Asians to be in this place. Only in the center of their country are a lot of Filipino’s or Asians, but I was in the part of the province. So most things I did alone. It became a challenge for me to learn their language or even just a few words, whenever I would go out and shop or use public transportation. Of course, I had my phone to translate some of the words they spoke. They have some of the same characters in the alphabet, but it was different to pronounce. They had good places to visit like the movies, and a lot of castles, but I didn’t get to visit all of them. I visited some that were close to our place.

They had different food also, and they make their own wine. In the countryside, each of the houses had their homemade wines, and their food and vegetables were so fresh!


My last destination with my husband. My husband’s dream country…

2019, Its really fresh and we are still new here in this country. This is the country that my husband really wanted to go to and live. He is always telling me that this country is good for us because all the people speak English and it’s easy for me to find work with good benefits.

Upon landing at the airport, I met an immigration officer. It’s a Filipina, but she was born in Canada, so she doesn’t speak Tagalog. So I was amazed, and it’s so cute the way she speaks with her accent. I was so happy and felt more confident seeing a Filipino when I first landed in Canada.

When we arrive on our place, my husband and I went out for dinner. I was so amazed again, there’s a lot of different Asian restaurants. Romania doesn’t have so many, so we eat there like crazy. I missed Asian food at that time. I discovered that here in Canada there are lot of Filipino restaurants and Groceries. I feel so lucky again! Here, they have a Filipino community on Fb. Everyday there are posts on the Fb for events, jobs, and food that features a meal of the day. But there’s a very important thing that I want to improve my English. I really want to learn and use it every time a Canadian talks to me or asks me something at work. Some of the Canadians are speak so fast and use a different form of English. When my husband and I landed here on the first day, we didn’t understand their English. They sometimes shortcuten their English or sentence which is when I need to say. ” I’m sorry, can you repeat that again? I don’t understand.” Don’t say, “what?”. It is impolite for them. The number one thing is to never say yes to them if they ask you something and you don’t understand, because they might make a mistake. Let’s say at a restaurant, you order something and they ask you something about the food. Don’t say yes if you don’t understand. It’s really okay to ask again what they said. Don’t be shy.

And lastly about the companies here, Some of the companies here are good and the Canadians are very friendly also, They don’t have discrimination. There are a lot of Filipinos working here also. I have a lot of friends at work. I’m still new here in Canada but so far.., I like here. I like the law about a woman. They said the law here is “A woman is powerful! You need to respect them and treat them as an equal if you are a man”.

So this is the end of the story of my journey I think. But when I will have a new journey again I will update new stories about the countries that I go to and experience.

Thank you for reading my story!

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