Are you a MOM, Nanay, Inay, Mama who feels so much guilt not spending so much time with your little one? Or maybe, you are an OFW who sacrificed to work abroad to sustain the financial needs of your family? Tired of being trapped in never-ending traffic in different areas of the Philippines? Feeling guilty that you decided to let others take care of your kids at home?

With a teary eyed tapping in your back, I just want to say…”I am feeling the same way back 2014 to 2016”.

Year of 2014 when I gave birth to my precious little daughter named Chloe Nicole. Oh, I can’t take my eyes on here the day I meet her. She’s adorable and I still can’t believe that I did gave birth to her. You know the struggles and pain of a first time mom. I am so proud of myself that I am able to handle all that.

But 2 months after giving birth I need to left her and let her Nanny to take care of her. That was the most painful decision that I ever did. I am an Office Manager at that time in a certain private company in Quezon City and needed to go to work early from San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. It took 3 to 4 hours to arrived in my workplace.

As a working mom, I never had a chance to hear her first word. I never had a chance to hold her in her first walk. She’s already asleep when I came home from work. At her first year, she was crying all the time at night because I was not there to breastfeed her. I am crying while I am typing this. And I know, most of you can relate mommies.

Fast-forward to 2016, I am very thankful to GOD that we had a chance to start a small computer sales business. I decided to resign to my corporate job so I can be a full time mom while helping my husband in managing our small business.

And my WAHM journey just started…

Today, I am living a happy and simple life with my husband and only daughter. I am with them 24/7, capturing every stages of my daughter’s life. We eat, sleep, wake up, clean the house, travelling and enjoy every moment together.

I am very grateful that I met FHMOMS in 2018. Looking back, I am just a ordinary mom from a corporate world who knows nothing about online jobs. Been scammed many times by so many networking sites. Clueless of how to start. But thankfully, I decided to enroll in its beginners course and I learned so many things . So allow me to share some insights on how to start working from home as a MOM.

Here are your step by step guide:

1ST: Join Filipina Homebased Mom (FHMOMS) Facebook group

FHMOMS is an online communty for mommies like us. They educate every mom on how to start working from home and spend more time with their family. Like you, I am new to this kind of business and I am very thankful to this online community because they helped me to start my VA career. All the mommies here are very friendly and the founder (Mommy MK Bertulfo) as well as the mommy trainers are conducting Free Webinar to educate all the mommies (both newbie and experienced mommy VA) about the skills of a Virtual Assistant. So If you are new to this field and you want to try being a Virtual Assistant, I am encouraging you to join our FHMOMS community and start your VA journey with us. JOIN HERE.

2ND: Check if you have all the materials to get started.

            Before you start applying for an online job, you have to complete first the necessary materials that you will be using in your VA career.

Here are the list of the materials needed:

  • Computer or Laptop (At least AMD A8 or intel Core i3 with 4gb memory)
  • Internet of at least 3mbps
  • Headset
  • Webcam (If your laptop has a built in camera, no need to buy one)

3RD: Create your profile in online job sites.

Here are the list of online job sites and this is where you will be applying for the job.

Create your online jobs profile now.

4TH: Identify your skills, field of work, and niche.

            To help you find your niche and identify your skills, click here.

5TH: Visually Appealing Resume

            The typical resume that we are using in applying before in corporate job may not be acceptable when you are applying in an online job as a VA. Well, you can still use it but you will have a lesser chance of being hired.

            There are two types of resume (a pdf format resume or a video resume). You can make your resume in Create your resume now.

6TH: Create a catchy cover letter.

            Want to win your first client, click here to create your cover letter.

After doing these guides, you are now ready to apply for an online job. Start sending your application mommy. I know all the details I am sharing you right now were overwhelming but always remember, it is just a small sacrifice compare to all our sacrifices as a MOM. If you didn’t make it to the first try, never lose hope. Your destined client is on his way.

I hope you learned a lot and good luck to your WAHM journey!

By: Lea Babao

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