How my Daughter Changed my Life

I believe that every baby is a blessing. So when I found out I was pregnant, I knew what I had to, to keep it. It was both exciting and scary that time. But with the support of my partner, friends and my family, I was able to face the uncertainty of tomorrow. When Skye came into this world, I was not the typical mom that fell in love the moment I saw her. Of course I love her, It just was not as deep as i thought. As time went by, my love for her grew to the point where I could not imagine life without her. I believe love moves in mysterious ways.

Enough for the introduction and lets get to the main topic..

So here’s the list how she changed me:

  • I am no longer materialistic and I buy what I desire. I realize money spent on my daughter is more gratifying and it has turned me into a saver. Whenever I need to buy something for myself, I write it down and buy it if I have extra money. If not, it can wait. I even downloaded the spending tracker app on my phone to keep tracks of my expenses. That way, I won’t overspend.
  • I Loved to sleep in before LO, but that caused me to be lazy and unmotivated which resulted in me sleeping more. I have never been a morning person but when LO came to my life, I was able to break my habits. I now enjoy waking up early and have more energy throughout the day. Aside from taking care of my LO I can do more stuff like walking the dog, doing chores, having “me time” or going out on a date with my partner. Waking up early also gives me better sleep at night.
  • Believe or not I used to day dreaming at work a lot. I would be serving alcohol but my mind was somewhere else. I just went back to work a week ago and I realized I don’t do this anymore. If I am at work, I am 100% focused and if I am home I spend my focus on my daughter. Kids grow so fast and before we know it, they are adults and getting married. So this is the time we must treasure every moment. We need to stop day dreaming and enjoy the moment with our loved ones.
  • I did not really appreciate my mom until I had my baby. When she could not come to Canada we kept in touch online. She was always there to answer my questions, listens to my endless complaints, struggles and pain about motherhood and that helped me a lot. She is a thousand miles away but that did not stop her from being close to me.
  • I was lonely when I was single. Being a mom is a full time job but it is the most fulfilling and satisfying jobs out there. I have never felt empty around my LO. Every little thing she does makes me smile or laugh. If I could change back time, I would always choose the life I have right now.

How did your LO change your life?

Let me know your thoughts on the comment below.

By: Arcelie Ordonia

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