sneakerhead is a person who collects, trades, or admires sneakers as a hobby. A sneakerhead may also be highly experienced in distinguishing between real and replica sneakers.

So, What exactly is a sneaker head? well on this blog we will go inside the head of a sneaker head. and at the same time share some awesome stories on how i “COP” this invention by man, vested by the almighty God.

Once you brought a pair of shoe in a mall. What do you feel after going out of that store or boutique? Happy right? of course it does! why did i said that? well let’s meet halfway instead, We work 24/7 in our offices hustling and dealing with stress outside like traffic, nosy guy looking into our messages while standing inside the bus, or heck someone cutting on the line while getting your espresso shot before going to work or school. The point is we work our BE-HINDS to get money for our family,vices,etc. but sometimes we need to pamper our selves by example going to SPA, pigging out on korean BBQ grill. going on a beach. so on and so fort.. or BETTER SAVE AND BUY the latest SHOE!? classic is unbeatable tho. so the following pictures are the best collection i have and will give some reviews about it. try not to get bored ladies. therefore i hope this blog can be red by my fellow working dad’s and enthusiast alike . These are my top 5 please indulge.

Air Jordan XX8

i’ve failed over and over and over again.. that is why i succeed.

-Michael Jordan

This jet black baby right here is the Air Jordan XX8 yes 28! it was released 2017 and still off the hook! Why is that? a lot of my friends and co sneaker heads are still waiting for more stocks to be delivered here in PH unfortunately, we haven’t heard any news. But why did i got it? well lets just say we have connections abroad. so once they drop off their balikbayan boxes i know my pair is in that box. and oh! it’s super light weight and it feels like you are running on barefoot.

Air Jordan XXX

The Cosmos! WOW! this one is not so rare but you cannot see it worn by a basketball player here in PHI. Why? because these deities seldom lands here in our country (god bless this country) but if they do. We sneaker heads goes to that place and cut off it’s wings so that they can be OURS (im imagining myself typing with googly eyes and saliva dripping in my mouth while doing this) and by performance well.. i don’t want to ruin it by playing on hard court. but if you will go to a mall it’s stylish a bit heavy but it’s fine bro. Crown is heavy.

Nike Air Mag

All yo X millenians out there probably know who’s signature shoe is this? hmm? nope? well a simple reminder this is from the Back to the future movie! THIS big shoe here is let’s just say the most technological shoe that i’ve ever wore. It laces by itself and it has bright lights when you wear it. it also includes buttons to switch on or off. and since it’s hi tech this bad boy needs to be charged, we will use a “C type” charger to show it’s true beauty. by the way this one i have is a replica. im so addicted to it and im so desperate to buy it but is SOOOO expensive and i have to cure my sickness. so i brought it for 10.000 pesos.. (that’s like a lot of hamburgers) *sigh Anyways i dont usually wore this because it’s too fancy. CAUTION: STEP AWAY FROM THE FLOOD.

Nike Air Yeezy 2: Red October

The Red October.. i remember the day i brought it on an online bid. there is a LOT of sneaker heads trying to name the price. and by god, i won the bid and delivered here after a month (i was unable to eat a proper meal for 4 days, hello pancit canton with egg) this has to be one of my treasured shoe. i only wore this for 10x to think i brought it back in 2015. it also has a case just to make sure i will preserve the value and ethnicity of this Ukranian She-devil. im a fan of Kanye West, you will not win against me if we share thoughts about the guy. Thats why every shoe that he has if i have the money and it peaked my interest i will save then buy it. gotta love this

Adidas Yeezy 750

Last and certainly not the least is the Adidas line of Kanye West “Yeezy” this one is called the 750 for some reason. Ye did not talk about it and didnt put a cool name on it, But man! this is so smooth if you wear this. it’s a combination of suede cloth and a specialized foam. That once it’s on foot feels jiggly,comfy and worth the effin price. cop this one at US. this is my favorite amongst the others .

Thank you

Here is the reason why i created a blog about my favorite shoes. Back when i was young and reckless i use to think that i need to impress other people so that they can accompany me and join my charade of madness. some of them was able to notice me, but as i age i realized, i was not born to impress other people with all the finest things. by the way we are an average family, as i age and realized there is bills to pay, there should be food on our table, Junior needs to be at school.. so it’s all about responsibility that impresses other people. a happy wife and a happy life. i cut the vegetables with a knife. and what matters most is that. OUR families need to serve to GOD. it’s what keeps us in tact by praising HIM. Through Him, with Him, in Him, in the unity of the holy spirit, all glory and honor is yours, almighty father for ever and ever AMEN!

Ryoel Connoly C. Nicdao

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