Determination Today Leads To Success Tomorrow

I was a college student back then at the Rizal Technological University taking up BSED Major in English. I was already in my 3rd year when I was really feeling lazy about studying. There’s a lot of field studies to do, visiting schools and making lesson plans which doesn’t really interest me. I am always behind submitting assignments and projects. I could see my classmates cramming up every day to submit everything that needs to be done while I was just staring at all of them doing nothing. My grades where fine with no failing grades during my first year at the university but come 2nd year, that’s where I really lost interest pursuing my course. I was thinking that this was not really the one I wanted to do. This is what my mom wants me to take so I could follow her footsteps.

I was always thinking if I still want to finish my course or not because I might just end up failing and just repeat the entire term.

 It was our enrollment for our 3rd year in the university when I decided to stop. I know this decision of mine will break my mom’s heart because aside from I did not consult her about my decision, think about about all the money and hardwork she spent that will go to waste. I told my dad about my decision and I told him to tell my mom about it. I can’t face her in any way because I know she will be so mad and disappointed.

Growing up, I already have passion in cooking. I would always make an experiment on how to improve a certain recipe. Or I make a completely new dish. I also love to watch cooking shows to gain more knowledge and techniques on how to cook. I also practice basic knife skills at home which I learned from one of Gordon Ramsay’s tv show.

Tuition fee at a culinary school is not a joke. I know my family can’t afford to send me to one of this schools but I’m determined. I was already working partime at a call center when I was still in the university. But thinking about all the expenses that needs to be paid if I enroll in a new school made me drop my part time job and start working full time at a different call center company.

My mom learned about my sudden decision and confront me about it. I told her I don’t really have the passion in teaching and I might just fail. What I really want is to become a chef. I also told her that I will be a working full time at night and study during the day to help her with the expenses.

I found a school near me and it’s the cheapest I could find. 100k per year for the tuition fee and the ingredients that we will be using is still not included. We have to buy all those ingredients that we will be using. Despite all this, I still went ahead with the enrollment.

My supervisor knows that I’m a working student and gave me a flexible schedule so I could go to school on time. Which I very much appreciated.

I have a work schedule of 9pm – 5am and my class starts at 8am – 5pm. After I drop off work I go home to change and get my things for school. I always ended up eating while commuting to save time. Then go straight home and get some sleep before I go to work again. I only have 2-3 hrs of sleep everyday and always sleepy at work. I use my breaks and lunch break to take a nap and get more energy for school. This has always been my routine. But I was not feeling tired because I enjoy what I was doing. I was having fun at school and I love what I do at work.

I was enjoying school. I learned a lot from our Chef’s, from baking, to culinary to bartending.

After days, months and a year of hard work and lack of sleep, I finally graduated!

Looking back, I can’t still believe that I was able to achieved my dreams after what I have been through. Indeed, that if you are determined to achieve something, there is nothing in this great existence that can stop you from achieving what you want.  

AUTHOR: Jovelle Coching

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