What Makes an Effective Sales Person?

When you’re working as a Sales Person, the first thing that comes to mind is “Commissions”! Yes, the Money! After all, that’s why you’re in sales right? But that’s not just the perk of being in sales. You get to meet a lot of people with different personalities, levels and positions, you get to travel while working, you manage your own working hours and you grow your network. It’s exciting isn’t it?

But.. There’s a lot of pressure and stress! In order to get that Commission, you need to hit your Quota.. 

So, what makes an effective Sales Person?

  1. Driven / Goal Setter

You have to be driven by your goals, inspiration and passion. Why are you doing this? Is it For your Family? Travel goals? Future investments etc.

  1. Go Getter

Never Give up! Until you get what you want. And what do you want? $_$

  1. Work Smart

Plan your work and strategize on how to get those people to buy what your selling. Talk smart and dress smart.

  1. Hardworking

Of course you need to work hard! Invest the time and effort needed. Specially on attending clients need.

  1. Customer Service and After Sales

Sales is not just selling an item, it also has customer service, you must fulfill the needs of your prospects and make them feel they can still count on you to help them out even after they’ve bought the item / services.

  1. Communication and Transparency

Always be there to answer questions and inquiries, make yourself understood and be transparent with every detail, make sure you gain their trust by revealing that you have nothing to hide.

  1. Presentable

Wear clean clothes, practice good hygiene and spray that perfume! It’s nice to talk to someone smelling and looking good.

Well, that’s all folks! Hope you learned something on this blog.. Happy Selling! Chop! Chop! 🙂

By: Ma. Kaye Coralyn Brieva

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