Stop dreaming about your bucket list and start living it – Annette White

All of us have that dream destination, it could be Paris, Greece, Switzerland, United States, but for me nothing beats Japan! 

Japan, as the Land of Rising Sun is one of the favorite travel destinations of my fellow Filipinos. In 2018, an estimated of 31.2 million tourists visited Japan. That record shows how Japan is really one of the top destination.

They have a total of four seasons in Japan. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. That’s a lot unlike here in the Philippines, we only have two seasons which is summer and rainy season. But it actually feels, summer the whole year, right? 

April last year, I was supposed to go to Tokyo with my family. I am really excited that my first travel in Japan would be Cherry Blossom season, pink flowers everywhere! We have travel agency and I am the one to organize the group. I am with my family and our clients. I think, we’re at about 70 persons at that time.  I am also the one to apply and file all of our application visa. Unfortunately, all of them got the tourist visa except ME! Can you believe that? I can’t believe that I make sure that all our applications will be approve and then I am the only one who got denied. At that time, I am still in denial because as far as I’m working at a travel agency, that’s the first time that someone got denied for a tourist visa at Japan. So, I still tried to re-apply although they have a policy of 6-months before you can try again. As they say, I still have 1% that the consul will let me go to Japan. But for the love of travel, I still tried. But in the end, I wasn’t able to get approved tourist visa. 

I never gave up with my dream to go to Japan. February this year, my tourist visa application got approved. Finally! I went to Osaka with my boyfriend and cousins. Japan is really fascinating country. We went to many tourist spots such as Kyoto, Nara, Universal Studios and my favorite Biwako Valley which is my first snow experience. I really can’t wait to visit Japan again soon. Hoping to visit Tokyo next year. 

Author: Karizza Padua

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