Little Stories of My Life…

2012 was the year of transformation for me. It’s when my corporate career ended and begun full time stay-at-home mother to my three children. Back then, they were just 7, 6 and 3 months old. And they were often sick due to asthma and there was even a time when one of them got hospitalized because of diarrhea. These reasons triggered me and my husband to decide that I’ll be resigning from work and focus on our children’s welfare while he’s onboard; by the way he is a seafarer.

February of 2012, it was my last day at work. I’m nervous, really, ‘coz a few hours left for me to face the “new beginning”. What’s inside my mind? A lot, I really don’t know what to think that time and I’m quite confused if I should continue to resign or not… What’s inside my heart? A fast beating heart…

Then came five o’clock in the afternoon, I walked to my manager’s room and knocked. I only wanted to wave goodbye.. I really don’t like to talked coz I might cry but she let me sit on the chair beside her. We talked for a while and then she blessed me with prayers. The tears kept flowing, I just let it go and pray to let God do the rest.

Seven years later, here I am busy as always attending to my children’s needs. Then, I got to see Mission Possible where Mommy K is helping a mother who wants to work while taking care of her child and her sick father….Boom! That’s also what I want… To regain my career… I want a job… a home-based job… an online job… I want to work and at the same time still able to attend to my family’s needs which my husband agreed. Then I joined FHMoms and currently attending the online training for Virtual Assistance… My HOPE is as big as my God… Praying and hoping for a job soon!!!

Philipians 4:13 I can do ALL this through HIM who gives me strength.

To God be ALL the glory!

by: Theresa Burlaos

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