Four Seasons with Four Treasures, a Real Blessing


@ Burnham Park Baguio City

The warmest season of the year

The season for beaches, resorts, camping grounds

The season for vacation, or break from school

The season to catch up with everybody and everything

  • Summer @Baguio City
  • Summer @Hundred Islands
  • Summer @Pangasinan
  • Summer @Ilocos Sur


@ Manitoba, Canada

The coldest season of the year

The season of snow, Olaf, Elsa and Anna….The Frozen…

The season we’ve been dreaming back in the Philippines

The  season at last we experience and so excited at first

The season we wish to go away….now…

The season with lots of snow that we want to be over with

The season we are not used to…..

  • Winter @Manitoba, Canada


@Manitoba, Canada

The season of falling leaves

The season we first met Canada

The season of colorful leaves

The season we made lots of memories…

  • New hope
  • New life
  • New environment
  • New School and teachers
  • New friends
  • New adjustments
  • New to almost everything


The season we area waiting for

Spring…when will you be here

We are longing for you

Spring up and warmth a bit…

Arlene Montemayor

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