What I love about travelling and How it benefits you?

There are plenty of things one can gain from exploring different places.The list includes gaining new friends,new experiences and new stories.

When you start taking adventures ,you gain insights on a new places and you get a better understanding of their culture,history ,background and languages.

Studies prove that travelling can boost your overall health and enhance creativity.Therefore,you need to take timeout and get out of your comfort zone.Plan a tour to a new place with an open schedule and let life present you with the numerous opportunities.

Here are some of my lists in what i love about travelling:

1. Gets you Real-life Education

Meeting different people from vast cultures and societies provide an education that is impossible to get in a traditional schools. There is no substitute for the real thing.

2. Ensures Peace of Mind

We all have stress and tension in our lives.Travelling forces us to temporarily disconnect from our normal routine.Meditation is a good form of healing and regain our self from all the burden that we encounter in our work especially or in our daily routine.As per famous saying “we never know what we have until we lose it”.

3.Helps You Get Original and Creative Thoughts

It is believed that if someone gets out of it comfort zone,the mind gets more creative.To develop new neural connections that trigger original and creative thoughts,you must explore new places and break out of your daily routine.

4. Broadens Your Horizons

Travelling helps you connect with different people from vasts of cultures.This gives you the opportunity to see issues and daily life challenges from a different angle.

5. Shares good taste buds

I love trying out new things.And one thing I am fond in travelling is trying their own delicacies and their best sellers.I have a good appetite .And every place to visit their is one new taste to eat to satisfy ones taste buds.

6. Helps You Have Fun

No matter how young or old you are,here is always a time when the child in you wants to have some fun.When you travel,you do not care what you do at all and you can just break free from the norm.

7. Aids you Get to Know Yourself

While travelling,you might find yourself stuck in situations you won’t normally experiencein your daily life.This can help you understand yourself and how you react to such circumstances,preparing you for future similar situations.

Although travelling offers so many benefits,it also has some disadvantages if not planned. carefully. If you are planning to travel get extra cash because there are circumstances that you get stranded because of unpredictable weather.Keeping jet lag pills handy saves you from unnecessary discomfort.Make a to do list and check the facilities to stay in so that it’s a hassle free travel.

8. Create Memories for Lifetime

If you travel with friends and family members,travelling helps you build stronger bonds and make memories.You can also save memories of a lifetime by creating photo albums or sharing photos in social media either groupie or selfie.

9. Improves Social and Communication Skills

One of the main benefits of travelling,especially to areas where your native language is not widely used,is that you learn how to communicate better with other people.Brushing up your knowledge on the most commonly used phrases or questions tourists ask can help you reach out to and relate better with locals.

10. Boost Up your Confidence

Being in a plac where you do not know anyone will assist you to gain confidence and peace of mind.You will develop the ability to cope with obstacles,which will make you a confident person

Travelling is good for the health so decide a place and pack your bags. Remember you only live once so start travelling to different places and get some life altering experiences

——-Juzela Christy Lim Villa

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