“There’s A Rainbow After The Storm”

Way back December 15, 2013, I gave birth of my son. I’m very happy and a little bit sad. Why? Because I thought I can’t give to my son the happy and complete family that everyone wants. Yes, I am a single mom way back then in my 4th year college. And I am very disappointed to the man that I thought will love us to the rest of our life. It was so blue and I’m afraid I will not get a chance to walk in an isle wearing a beautiful wedding gown. I’m afraid how to explain it to my son and where to start. I’m so depressed that time. I don’t want to go out even don’t want to go to school. I think that all men are the same, all men will hurt me and no one will accept me for who I am.

One year later I found a man who loves me and accept me, not only me but also my son. He is my sunshine after the storm, my Knight in Shining Armor and the savior of my son. I love him most because he really loves my son like his own flesh and blood. Now we are happily married last September 30, 2018 and we have three kids now.

I really believed that “There’s a rainbow after the rain.” God has his own purpose. Only him knows the best for us.

To all the people whose suffering and who has a problem right now, just set back and relax. Do all your best and God will do the rest.

Written by: Josette M. Ubay-Ubay

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