My Weightloss Transformation From 75 kgs To 50 kgs

Before I start to share with you my weight loss transformation journey, let me tell you a story about myself why my weight before reach 75 kgs and how I lose a weight of 20 kgs in just 3-4 months without exercise. Yes, you heard it right! “I lose weight without exercise”. 

My name is Cristy, I am married now and I have one cute and beautiful daughter. During my college days I was skinny or some may call it I have a petite body. I tend to eat any food I want and eat a lot during my college days since I never get fat, maybe it is because I burn all the carbs I eat during our dance practice and stretching since I was a performing arts dancetroupe scholar so everyday after class we have a daily stretching and dance practice.

Four months before graduating college I learned that I’m pregnant but of course I continue my pregnancy and graduate at the same time. July 2015 I gave birth to my daughter through c-section, little did I know that my body will changed a lot! At the first year of having a baby I gained weight from 48 kgs – 55 kgs. I ignore my body and said to myself that I don’t care If I get fat, my husband loves me and I already have a daughter so It is normal for me to get fat. 

Three years later I was still fat and I still have the same way of eating, eating anything I want, sweets, street foods, fast foods and mostly unhealthy food. Until it comes January 2019, I got sick and it is my first time to have chicken pox. After I recover from chicken pox I notice that my breathing got heavy, and I tend to get tired easily but I ignored it and go back to my way of eating. Then comes March 2019, I attended Clinical Graduation of our student since I worked at a Nursing dean’s office as an Administrative Aide before. I took a selfie with my co-worker buddy ( see photos below ), and then I posted it on my facebook account.

After I posted it, I receive a message from one of my highschool classmate and told me I was so damn FAT. and then I look at my picture and it was a big slap of the truth right there and I weighed myself and I was so shocked that I gained weight of 75 kgs and I also measured my waistline and it was 36 inches. I can’t believe that I was literally fat and not just fat but also unhealthy.

I keep on thinking how can I lose weight? Is there still hope for me to lose weight? This keeps running around through my head for days now. So I do some research on how to lose weight and mostly some articles/blogs on google that are showing up is mostly slimming products, and some successful stories lose weight with the help of exercise. I feel depressed, and I think I lose hope of losing weight because I was too lazy to go on exercise. And then I research again on how to lose weight without exercising. I saw a blog that she lose weight for just a month but there it is again a slimming product which is so expensive. And then I keep on searching, and saw blog about Keto Diet. I get interested on the article about Keto diet because it was said there that you can lose weight even when you sleep and without starving yourself to death, also it doesn’t need any expensive slimming products to work you just need to change your way of eating.

Before starting my weightloss journey weighed 75 kgs

Last week of March 2019, I decided to start Keto Diet. I resigned at my office work and decided to work from home. First week of Keto diet is hard you will feel dizzy, some headaches and your body fats is shaking literally. But I still continue my diet for month and I was happy to see some result I measured my waistline and for a month of dieting my waist measured from 36 inches down to 28 inches for just a month. I continue my weightloss journey and third week of June I decided to weighed myself and I was shocked from my starting weight of 75 kgs before I started Keto diet after 3 months of diet it was down to 55 kgs. So I continue my diet until August I reach my goal weight which is 50 kgs and now I’m am happy with my body and able to run around with my daughter, play with her without getting tired to easily.

Recent photo with my 4 year old daughter taken last Sunday, November 24, 2019

Disclaimer: This blog is to inspire readers of my transformation journey, This diet might not work for everyone. Consult your doctor first and ask for an advice before jumping into diet.

Cristy Botor

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