My Journey to the Unknown

Everyone Aims Success! 

Everybody’s goals are leaning towards the future! Do we need a road map to Success? Believe me, I’ve searched enough. The future is uncertain. The first thing to do is to define what exactly the meaning of “SUCCESS” for you is. For me, it is one’s happiness. Allow me to entertain you to my journey to this world;-)

The University was my battlefield.

A typical girl from the province dreamed of becoming big yet uncertain. I had a hard time getting there. The bigger problem was with the finances as the family’s income was shared among my five siblings. The extra challenge was learning in a Muslim city with a lot of fighting, guns and bombs, and where betrayal among people was the only way we could see to survive in that kind of world.

Training to Real Thing.

On-the-job training to Singapore was my breakthrough. I worked my ass 20 hours a day for the whole year without a day off, trying to pay my education bills back in my country. I honestly enjoyed the city only on my first and last day but that was fun! So terribly hard but fun!

Can we survive it out there? Here comes Work endeavor problems.

After graduation, the real journey has begun. Been scammed, betrayed, lost, emotionally broken and financially broke. Dubai is not for me. I can’t even get through the immigration three times. I lost the fight and rest my case, a bit.…

Fall before even flying.

The title, experience, and respect was enough but people can’t really get enough. I longed for career advancement and Promotion, we all do, but Speechless upon knowing that there was an angel in my womb. That’s the reason I missed my Canadian Visa. It felt like the end of my world!

Life is a never ending Journey. Life Hacks

I quit yes! A lot! I cried yes, every time! I miss my Job, my career. A Zillion Regrets but heartfelt laughter whenever I see this angel every day.

An angel in Disguise!

In the dawn of November 2018, I got 36 stabbed wounds all over my right face, ears, neck and back which could be fatal, but God never failed to surprise me. This little child of mine shined as an instrument and frightened the unknown criminal who unfortunately got away with it after investigation – just like nothing happened. I have never imagined such horrifying things could happen.

Just like milk in a tea, it seems like being a homebody suits me.

Whatever suits you best makes you the happiest. Working at home is a privilege everyone is entitled and must try to do! The freedom to do many things and the convenience of being with the family most of the time are everyone’s dream. Sometimes just let it go and follow the flow. We’re not always on the right track and we’re not perfect! Accept it. Who really knows the end of your journey? Trust me, just like mine, yours is also unknown….

By: Analou Acac

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