Living in a foreign country

I’m a Filipina living here in Japan for 2 years. Two years ago I’ve decided to moved here alone with one common reasons of OFW’s to leaved our beloved country. To give all the needs and wants of my family. 

What it’s really like living abroad alone? 

At first, it was a mix emotions for me. Excitement, curiosity, worrying, and sadness as I will leave not only my own country but my family and friends too.

Excitement and curiosity because of the different people, culture and new place to lived. Worrying and sadness because of homesick and I’m just alone here. No friends at first. I can’t even understand their language because they cannot speak English. But good thing is Japanese are kind and well mannered people.

How did I overcome homesick?

At my first year of living here I always explore cities that I can go by myself. I tried their local and bullet trains to go to popular cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya. It was challenging because it’s very difficult to ride a train here specially when you cannot read kanji (one of Japanese writing) I cant remember for how many mistakes I had of riding a wrong train but it was fun by that I learn now. 

By traveling alone I’ve met my friends and most of them are Japanese luckily some of them can speak English. By making friends with them I’ve learned their language, traditions, and culture. I’m enjoying their foods also.

How did I adopt different culture and traditions?

By exploring different places, meeting new people, learning their traditions and culture it eases my homesick and sadness instead to motivated myself to be a better person, work harder, and to be with my son to live here especially they will be two soon. Excited to learn again new things as I will be a mom again for the second time but first time here. 

This is my first ever blog. Hope you enjoy it!
Erezmia Gutierrez

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